What to do?

crochet hook and yarnWell Ive searched high and low (in and out… over and under…) and haven’t had any luck finding a ball of my pink yarn. This is not helped by the fact that I dont know what the colour number or name is because I no longer have the band.

Ive tried a pink which is pretty close, but it looks funny- its obviously not the same colour when you see a whole stripe of it, so right now Im trying to figure out whether I should just border it as it is at 68 rows and keep it as a small oddly shaped throw or try to figure out some alternative (any suggestions gratefully accepted at this point). Im also getting distracted by other projects that I want to try, and figuring out patterns for a couple more I have on the go and have been writing tutorials for.

So that’s where Im at today. Hopefully there has been more progress this week for the rest of the team over at one a day central!

36 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. all4meggymoo says:

    Maybe if you leave it for a while the ball of wool appear, I find when I’m not looking for something Im more likely to find it! If you have other projects to do just put this one aside for a little while?


  2. Joanne says:

    How annoying is that!! Maybe you should hibernate it for a while and do the projects you have in mind. Then you might even find a replacement or you could do a fair size border on it later. There is nothing worse than having to change your plan because of a wool shortage!
    Hope you have a good week.


  3. kashi says:

    I agree with Shelley. I lost a ball of wool that was super expensive and was ready to chuck the scarf I was working on fro my husband. I put it away and found it a week later mixed in with the yarn I have bought for Christmas projects. It was a $6. ball of yarn, I am glad I waited. I would have cried if I had frogged it and then found the last ball. Can you show us a pic of project next to the yarn that doesn’t look quite right? Good luck.


  4. stocki says:

    The new banner is perfect! I love the way you have positioned the text too… lovely choice! Does your Husband like it now? Oh the trauma of running out of yarn… I agree with Joanne & Kashi… put it away for a while, get on with something new and then the ball of wool will magically appear … honest! I’m looking forward to seeing the new projects :)x


  5. Aussie Girl says:

    Is it a lolly pop pink….I have some of that and I would love to swap for some purple from last year from Spotlight. Even if you don’t have the purple I can share.


    • Janette says:

      Ohhh how exciting…Its a really bright almost (but not quite orangey pink). Could you email me a photo? do you know what brand it is, I think mine was marvel. You know I had a purple I brought about the same time but I only had one ball and used it all up sorry. My email is janette dot wise at me do com


      • Janette says:

        I think it was about a year or more ago I brought it. Ive tried our spotlight and they dont think the runs go for that long and since I dont know the name or number its probably a bit pointless to send you on a wild goose chase. Thanks so much for the offer though!!!


  6. Faith says:

    Just to sound like an echo, start something else and the ball will come back on it’s own accord!

    Do you have the children’s story there about the cheese that rolled down a hill and couldn’t be found? The family decided to roll another cheese down the hill to find the first……it didn’t…. Therefore I don’t recommend sending another ball to find it, as like the cheese i’m not sure either ball would return.


  7. beberouge says:

    oh no, I always do things like that, I especially lose dye lots all the time thats why I have started to take advantage of raverly stash and add all my wool, it’s a long process and I only have tags for about a 1/4 of my stash lol. Hopefully like the others said one will just turn up, if not just go elaborate border I say. xx


  8. Niamh says:

    I hope you find the yarn, it would be so annoying to have to abandon the project. Maybe if you take a break from it for a while and do some other projects you might think of an alternative. Still I hope the yarn appears for you.


  9. KatiesCameraBlog says:

    I have absolutely no suggestions, but you’ve gotten a few already.:) And I LOVE your new header! Love it! It’s perfect, and we, who were worried about the vertical nature of the original photo, should have known your creative thinking would solve that. It’s wonderful 🙂


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