Finally finished

Crochet ripple throwMy ripple throw is finally finished.

Crochet ripple throwThose of you who have been reading a while will remember that this was my one a day project which I was unable to complete to the size I intended due to running out of wool… anyways I decided to just border it off, and even though its not bed size I still love it and its perfect to wrap around you when its chilly on the couch!

We had some fun trying to get a good photo of it this afternoon…

Crochet ripple throwCarter didnt want to miss out on the fun…

Crochet ripple throwOver the weekend I got a nice surprise when Liz at Crochet in Color nominated me for a Liebester Blog award… thanks Liz!

In turn I’d like to pass this on to 5 of my favorite blogs…with no pressure to participate of course:

1. Faith May

2. Little things made with love

3. Sonia and Fred

4. Stocki (while you are there do sign up to take part in the beautiful blogger blanket- what an amazing idea!)

5. Rose and Dahlia

Thanks Liz, your blog is fab and your designs are inspirational! Hope you are all having a bright and beautiful week 🙂

What to do?

crochet hook and yarnWell Ive searched high and low (in and out… over and under…) and haven’t had any luck finding a ball of my pink yarn. This is not helped by the fact that I dont know what the colour number or name is because I no longer have the band.

Ive tried a pink which is pretty close, but it looks funny- its obviously not the same colour when you see a whole stripe of it, so right now Im trying to figure out whether I should just border it as it is at 68 rows and keep it as a small oddly shaped throw or try to figure out some alternative (any suggestions gratefully accepted at this point). Im also getting distracted by other projects that I want to try, and figuring out patterns for a couple more I have on the go and have been writing tutorials for.

So that’s where Im at today. Hopefully there has been more progress this week for the rest of the team over at one a day central!

Rippling progress

Well I was making good progress this week with the pink ripple, but have hit a bit of a problem. You see I thought I still had another ball of the bright pink… but after searching high and low apparently that is not the case.  A quick trip to Spotlight yeilded no results, so my Mum is trying the Spotlight where she lives to see if they have it.  Eek!

Here’s how the throw is looking and the offending wool.

Crochet Ripple blanket and orchidsMum gave me that beautiful orchid spray about 2 and a half weeks back and its still going strong, I love the pale green and pink together.

OrchidIm going to head on over and check out how everyone else is doing at Carole’s, why don’t you have a squizz too?

Lots of Love, Janette xxoo

PS. I got my cast off today, yay! But am back in the moon boot (boo).

Why Pink?

I haven’t had a good week working on the pink ripple progress wise, so I thought I’d show you why I wanted to make a pink ripple blanket as a throw to go on our couches in the lounge.

It’s to match (tie in?) with this beauty…

Pink VasePink VaseA beautiful hand blown glass vase that belonged to my husbands great Aunt Teresa, a lovely, kind, regal woman who passed away earlier this year. It is a really fitting reminder of her.

I also love how the shape reflects the shape of the wallpaper which we have on two of the walls (I know not everyone would love this wall paper but for me when I saw it I just HAD to have it).

The vase is the only sitting ornament in the lounge, its right beside the TV, and surprisingly the kids leave it alone (although from time to time I do find bits of stuff inside it).Pink VaseSo now you know, that’s what I was thinking when I was planning the ripple throw…

Here’s a shot of how its looking (a whole 2 rows larger than last week), and now for my favourite part, Im heading over to Gingerbread Girl to see how everyone else who has been working on a one a day project is getting on.

Ripple Throw messed upHope you are having a great week! Lots of Love Janette xxx

Pink Ripple Update

Tuesdays come around so quickly I cant quite believe it… this morning I posted about my heart bunting not even realising it was Tuesday!Crochet Ripple Throw

Ive made ok progress on my pink ripple throw but I have to admit it doesnt look significantly different than last week or the week before.

Crochet Ripple Throw

So I decided to do some creative photography this afternoon- not as easy as it sounds on crutches.  My Dad helped me though 🙂 Hope you like the flowers… and here it is draped over the front gate – I wonder what the neighbours thought??

Crochet Ripple Throw

So there you go, 7 rows more – bringing my total to 60 rows. Ive decided 90 is the magic number so 30 rows to go. It feels good to be counting down now…

Thanks to everyone who wrote such nice comments last week, I really do love reading them!

Crochet Ripple Throw

Now Im heading over to Gingerbread girl to see how everyone else is getting on with their one a day project. Janette x x

Work in progress update a little bit late

Well my Tuesday Tallies for the one a day group are a little late this week… Wednesday Tallies doesn’t really have the same ring does it?

I do have an excuse; on Monday I had surgery on my ankle so the early part of this week has been spent in a bit of a drug induced fog.  Never mind its all fixed now, and Im just looking forward to getting back on my feet again.

I have been well looked after, had some beautiful cards and two lovely bunches of flowers picked for me (one even included parsley).

Maia's card

Here’s what my ripple throw is looking like this week, that’s my cast poking out the bottom (as if that wasn’t obvious!)

Ripple blanket and foot in cast

I’ve had plenty of cuddles under it today while I was hooking a few rows, and it seems that even little boys aren’t immune to the cosiness of a pink crochet throw…

Carter and ripple

Im now up to 53 rows, so progress is steady. I’m hoping to get hooking lots of rows in the next few days as I cant really do much except lie with my foot up.

At the weekend I finished up a crochet cat (you might remember the fabric scrap cats from last week), her name is Caity and if you want to make one the tut is located here.

Crochet Cat Tutorial

I can’t wait to see how everyone’s projects have progressed this week! Janette x x