Shell Chimes

Last week we went and spent some time staying with my parents, their house is only a couple of hundred metres from the sea.

‘Our’ little beach is closed right now because of the Rena Disaster.  This tiny spec on the horizon is what is causing so much heartache.

RenaOne afternoon we went to another beach not far from home, of course I got as far as sitting in the dunes.

I’ve mentioned before we’re a family of collectors…

Maia and Nana

As is usually the case we came home with a lot of shells.

ShellsThis time we made a wind chime with them…

Maia and ChimesIt’s reminding us of the beach, even though we aren’t there.

Maia and wind chimeFor whatever we lose, its always ourselves we find in the sea.

– e.e. cummings

7 thoughts on “Shell Chimes

  1. kashi says:

    I hope the Rena disaster gets fixed up. Our own accident in the gulf last year was never sorted out very well. ruining our lovely beaches and sea life. Don’t want to be a downer. Hope you have a great weekend.


  2. stocki says:

    Hi Janette, So sad to see that the Rena disaster has affected you so badly there. I rarely get to see a beach, but when I do it is so wonderful… to think of that being ruined is heartbreaking.. I hope it gets sorted out soon for you. Your shell chimes are beautiful… :)x


  3. Faith says:

    We had a big oil disaster just around the corner from our house about 20 years ago, the wildlife was devastated, but we live to tell the tale! And I’m sure you will too, there are probably so many more things in place to deal with it now as opposed to then.

    Your photos of the shell mobile are superb, very evocative. I’m fascinated with being able to take better pictures, d’you have a fancy shmancy camera and have you studied photography?

    Have you not received your pumpkin pie yet? Sent it first class yesterday……


    • Janette says:

      You would think that was the case but there has been so much damage and there are still 300 odd tonnes of oil on board the ship which they are frantically trying to pump off (but its taken a month the get the rest offits slow going, and there is nothing they can do about the boat or the thousands of containers on it except wait… so frustrating!!!

      I use a Nikon 3100 and have 2 lenses, not fancy schmantzy but a nice camera that is easy enough for me to use (I love it, it goes with me everywhere) and I edit my photos at which lets me make my photos look the way I want, different effects etc. The 3100 is on sale right now because Nikon has brought out the 5100 so you could probably pick one up for a really good price.

      Pumpkin Pie hasnt arrived yet, but Ill keep a look out!!!!!


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