Why Pink?

I haven’t had a good week working on the pink ripple progress wise, so I thought I’d show you why I wanted to make a pink ripple blanket as a throw to go on our couches in the lounge.

It’s to match (tie in?) with this beauty…

Pink VasePink VaseA beautiful hand blown glass vase that belonged to my husbands great Aunt Teresa, a lovely, kind, regal woman who passed away earlier this year. It is a really fitting reminder of her.

I also love how the shape reflects the shape of the wallpaper which we have on two of the walls (I know not everyone would love this wall paper but for me when I saw it I just HAD to have it).

The vase is the only sitting ornament in the lounge, its right beside the TV, and surprisingly the kids leave it alone (although from time to time I do find bits of stuff inside it).Pink VaseSo now you know, that’s what I was thinking when I was planning the ripple throw…

Here’s a shot of how its looking (a whole 2 rows larger than last week), and now for my favourite part, Im heading over to Gingerbread Girl to see how everyone else who has been working on a one a day project is getting on.

Ripple Throw messed upHope you are having a great week! Lots of Love Janette xxx

31 thoughts on “Why Pink?

  1. kashi says:

    It looks great, thanks for showing us the vase. The blanket really compliments it. My Mother and Dad collected hand blown glass too and he passed away in February. that is a nice little tribute to your Aunt.


  2. Faith says:

    Bebe Rouge has it right ‘treasure’ is just the word…….its lovely to have something that was given by a special family member, so precious. The vase is stunning, what gorgeous colours and as you say goes so well with your lovely wallpaper.

    Your ripple looks lovely as ever and will go so well with the vase when it is done.


  3. HillyT says:

    That vase is gorgeous and I love knowing the story behind your ripple, I started blogging really so that I could remember the stories behind my creations. When I make a ripple (probably not until next year now) I will be including some fluffy wool, it’s a lovely effect.


  4. stocki says:

    Hi Janette, Your glass is so beautiful! I collect vintage glass like Wedgwood and hand-blown like yours..its a lovely one! What a lovely idea to make a ripple to compliment it. I’m looking forward to seeing it grow… thanks for your kind comment on my blog :)x


  5. Joanne says:

    The colours in your vase are stunning, and your blanket will compliment it perfectly.

    I love coloured glass, you don’t need to put flowers in them as they are already so pretty.


  6. Hazels Crochet says:

    It is a really beautiful vase, and it goes really well with your ripply….its nice to have a belonging as a reminder of memories šŸ™‚


  7. Brett Meldahl says:

    Hello. I have a vase that looks as though it was made by the same company. Another I had and gave to my daughter looks to be of the same manufacturer. I have been trying to find out who made them as I am going to sell mine. If you have any idea who made yours please let me know. Also, if you would like to see the one I have send me your e-mail. Thanks for any info.


    • Janette says:

      Hi Brett, that is really interesting but I’m not sure I can be much help. The vase was a gift from my husband’s late great aunt, I will ask my father in law if he knows anything about it but I wouldn’t imagine he does. I would guess its been hand blown here in New Zealand as I think it’s quite old. Please do send me an email with a photo of yours šŸ™‚ janettewise at me dot com. Cheers Janette


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