Pink Ripple Update

Tuesdays come around so quickly I cant quite believe it… this morning I posted about my heart bunting not even realising it was Tuesday!Crochet Ripple Throw

Ive made ok progress on my pink ripple throw but I have to admit it doesnt look significantly different than last week or the week before.

Crochet Ripple Throw

So I decided to do some creative photography this afternoon- not as easy as it sounds on crutches.  My Dad helped me though 🙂 Hope you like the flowers… and here it is draped over the front gate – I wonder what the neighbours thought??

Crochet Ripple Throw

So there you go, 7 rows more – bringing my total to 60 rows. Ive decided 90 is the magic number so 30 rows to go. It feels good to be counting down now…

Thanks to everyone who wrote such nice comments last week, I really do love reading them!

Crochet Ripple Throw

Now Im heading over to Gingerbread girl to see how everyone else is getting on with their one a day project. Janette x x

22 thoughts on “Pink Ripple Update

  1. Faith says:

    I think everyone who has ever met me thinks I am slightly unhinged, especially the people who catch me crocheting outside school ( a little old man came up to my car the other day, and said ‘haven’t you finished that yet?’) goodness knows what my neighbours actually think!

    Your blanket and your flowers are lovely, are they dianthus in the first picture, they look a little like pinks, but the flower looks smaller than I have seen – they’re really pretty. And your crocheted heart bunting is gorgeous!


  2. Candace says:

    The neighbours will think what a talented lady you are!

    Love the blanket and colours you are using. so satisfying to be on the ‘home run’ of a project. 30 rows will be done in no time.

    Enjoy your week and I hope you are off the crutches soon. I broke my leg in June then had a dvt so I know what being on crutches is like. Novelty soon wears off and everything seems such an effort and frustrating!


  3. Joanne says:

    How great that you are now counting down, you must be so pleased. The neighbours probably think how great it looks, the deep pink is lovely. I really love your heart bunting, I think I may have to do some for my daughters room.


  4. Sara says:

    Ha, ha, ha… Sometimes I wonder the same thing when I am doing a little outdoor crochet photography. My neighbors across the street are always outside on their front porch looking our way. I do think they wonder about me sometimes. Happy Friday Janette!


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