Beautiful Blooms

These are a few of the flowers which are blooming at our place right now.  Did I mention I how much I love spring?

Green dragonfly flower mosaicEach day there is more colour in our garden,  and duly inspired by so many beautiful flowers coming into bloom everywhere I decided to make Maia some flower hair ties for spring.

Each of the hair ties above are a riff on the same basic pattern, alter it slightly to vary the design.

Crochet Flower Hair Tie Pattern

Using 2-3ply cotton and a 2.5mm hook.

1. Chain 5, join with a slip stitch to form a ring.

2. Chain 3, double crochet into the circle 14 times, and join with a ss (15 dc).

3. Chain 3, skip 2 stitches, slip stitch into the next stitch. Repeat around, creating 5 loops.

4. First layer of petals: (with the front of the flower facing you) Single crochet into first loop to begin, sc, 5dc, sc into each loop around (5 petals created).  Join in your hair tie on one of these petals by holding the tie alongside your loop and crocheting over it as you crochet into the loop creating the petal (there’s a photo below).

5. Working on back of flower now. Chain 3, sc into 1 of the back loops of the starting sc of this petal and the next (see photo Im not exactly sure how to explain which bit I mean, the loop further up the hook is the loop Ive drawn up, the two towards the end of the hook are the ones you want to sc into to join your 3 chain loop).

Crochet flower hair tieRepeat around so you have a 3 chain loop behind each petal. Join with a ss into first stitch, fasten off this colour. Back loops finished:Crochet flower hair tie 6. Join new colour fasten into one of the chain 3 loops you just created. Work now with the flower facing you; 1sc, 7dc, 1 sc into each loop around creating 5 petals. Join with a ss into first petal. Sc in each stitch around petal finishing with a ss in last stitch of each petal, repeat for all petals.

Crochet flower hair tie7. Fasten off and sew in all ends. Embellish with buttons in the centre of each flower… all done!

Crochet flower hair tie Crochet flower hair tie Crochet flower hair tie

38 thoughts on “Beautiful Blooms

  1. Sara says:

    Hi Janette. My girls would love these! Look as though we are in opposite seasons. I must bookmark these for spring. Seems that bobbly blanket is hard to resist. Even I am tempted by this one but MUST finish Sophie’s granny square blanket. It would probably crush her heart if she saw me working on another blanket. Poor thing. I am hoping to wrap it up for Christmas. Wishing you a happy week. 🙂


  2. Candice says:

    This is a really cool idea i wonder if it will work with other flowers? I have two little girls that love ponytails and I’m always on the look out for new ideas. Thanks so much.


    • Janette says:

      Absolutely, you could just crochet a few loops onto the flower before you start and then continue on with the pattern. My little girl loves her flowery pony tails too!!!


    • Janette says:

      Hmmm I hadnt thought of that… I guess I could give it a go 🙂 In the meantime, what part are you having trouble with I might be able to take another photo?


  3. gentlestitches says:

    The flowers are lovely. I enjoy making crochet flowers myself and love the 2D effect.
    The buttons really set them off. Where is my pen? I must write the pattern down.


  4. Bhakti Ullal says:

    Janette, thank you for that really neat pattern. I made mine in ivory and red and the flower looks really pretty. I am waiting to use it and gift them to the girls… I know they will adore these happy flowers.
    However, I ma unable to figure out how to fit the elastic tie back into the flower. I am struggling with it. could you please guide me on how that is to be done.
    Thanks so much,


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