Crafty Kitchen

There is lots of creative kitchen play going on in our house at the moment with this cardboard stove I re purposed from two supermarket boxes. Everything is glued/ masking taped together. Clear plastic for the doors, and milk and cream lids for the dials- I used a paper fastner to fix them on so they twirl around.

The oven trays are made from a couple of box lids and you can just make out the fish n chips on the top tray and cookies on the bottom!

The doors have come a bit loose with constant opening and shutting so next time I would probably try to fasten with a cardboard hinge. Home-made cardboard toys are the best kind… easy to make, light and moveable (tonight this one was getting carried around the house for reasons I couldnt fully grasp), no more plastic one day destined for landfill, and most importantly hours of fun for free!  Go on make one, I bet there’s a cardboard box lurking at your place that would love to be the star of a fun filled adventure… Love Janette x

4 thoughts on “Crafty Kitchen

  1. Tacy says:

    I’m going on strike! Out with the real stove, I’m making one of these and lots of pretend food! You are sooooo clever!


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