A quick fix

Grape leaf

When Im working on one or two larger projects I sometimes feel the need for a quick project to satisfy my cravings for making AND finishing something. So this week I did just that and whipped up this crochet scarf, using scrap yarn and a beautiful woven stitch of single crochet, chain one.

Scrap Crochet Scarf

This isn’t the first time Ive used this stitch (you can check out my dishcloths here), I like the fabric it makes and the way it looks, a little more stylish than a plain crochet stitch.

I guess since I joined the ends together its technically a cowl (or maybe a snood or an infinity scarf depending on where you are from), but whichever way you look at it, its lovely and warm and cozy!

Scrap Crochet Scarf 3

And boy did it ever use up a good lot of my leftover wool 🙂

It was very useful today in the chilly wind and rain I had to stand in while watching not one, but two early morning games of Saturday soccer. In fact Im fairly sure, as I sit in front of my roaring fire tonight typing this that I have only JUST begun to thaw out! Scrap Crochet Scarf 2

I quickly ducked outside this afternoon to catch the last of the quickly fading light to take these photos and the wind was still blowing everything around:

In other satisfying, but perhaps less permanent projects completed this week, in an unusual half hour where I found myself at home (alone!) and dinner already sorted, I painted some leaves…

I love autumn leaves, and these magnolia leaves lent themselves well as a lovely sturdy canvas. I used some acrylic paint and markers to create these designs, and while they won’t last forever, they were a fun way to use the time I had to unwind at the end of what had been a busy day.

Painted leaves-2

Ok, so maybe I wasn’t entirely alone. I did have a small furry ‘helper’ who couldn’t quite understand what I was doing and why I wasn’t patting him!

Painted leaves 2

I hope your week has been a good one, and for those of you enjoying spring, spare a thought for me as winter fast takes us into her fold and send me some words of the lovely sunshine and greenery you are enjoying at your place please! J xoxo

22 thoughts on “A quick fix

  1. Roksanna says:

    Hello, thanks for sharing. I enjoy working with wool and the feel of it. It’s like a ‘comfort food’ for fall. Beautiful photo!


  2. justathoughtbutwtf says:

    I love that stitch and will be trying it out today, it is beautiful and it does look more stylish. . I have also been collecting autumn leaves during this last week and have been decorating them with gold and rose gold leaf. Beautiful and ephemeral. I think I will make them into a string of bunting for autumn.

    Liked by 2 people

    • pjkids89 says:

      I’m a Whovian, not going to lie and I felt the same way. Loved the painted leaves as well. Lately I seem to have 1 large and two Medium WIP’S going. Have a Craftshow coming up in July and I want to be extra prepared. We just had a heat wave here but now back into the high 40’s, I could get away with making and wearing a scarf right now.. Beautiful Job. Enjoy your Sunday


  3. Postcard from Gibraltar says:

    Ooh I love your painted leaves, and your snood is lovely – very reminiscent of a Dr Who scarf (if you don’t get this TV programme in your part of the world here’s a link to explain : http://www.tor.com/2016/10/17/bbc-releases-instructions-for-knitting-the-fourth-doctors-iconic-scarf-from-doctor-who/)

    It’s funny to think that it’s autumnal in your part of the world, it’s starting to heat up here in Gibraltar for the start of summer.


  4. LAURA CLINE says:

    Love love love your scarf; that’s my favorite stitch pattern! (Known as the Linen Stitch, and sometimes the moss stitch or seed stitch, but both of those also mean something else). And I adore your leaf doodling. I love doodling and painting on leaves and rocks (ohhhh and felting rocks! there’s a lady who felts and embroiders rocks, omg they’re lovely), and I’m sending you tons of sunshine and greenery from sunny/rainy Florida. I’l keep the rain this time; we need it.

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