Hygge progress 

This photo was taken a moment after I realised I am one stitch short in my shawl…


It wasn’t until I began the second pattern of the cross stitch that I thought it was looking slightly off centre…

I now know, after counting and recounting that I am one stitch out.

When did that happen?

Right from the first row….

What to do?

13 thoughts on “Hygge progress 

  1. Teresa says:

    I’m very much a perfectionist. This would drive me crazy for the rest of my life, so I’d frog it carefully, row by row until I found the row that was off and correct the problem.

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  2. signet333 says:

    I think it is beautiful! Some Indian tribes deliberately incorporate a “wrong” stitch because when something is perfect it loses it’s interest and becomes boring!

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  3. knitting4kitty says:

    My stitch count is correct – my separator has been done umpty nine times and I’m happy – no one is going to see it from that direction — they are going to be awed by the overall gorgeousness of your creation!!!! I am OCD and a perfectionist and I’m learning to live with individual design elements – – life is too short! And I want to do more — not more again!!!!

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