I can smell…

Billy smelling pizza 2Pizza… And oh boy does it smell good!!

I think Ive mentioned before that we like to enjoy a little homemade pizza action around here. We have our own wood fired pizza oven. I’ll admit that sounds extravagant. But considering how much we use it, and how amazing the pizza cooked in it tastes, it is not a purchase we have ever regretted.

There is no set recipe for our pizzas. The kids tend to like to keep it simple, with just a few toppings – tonight was pizza sauce, cheese, bacon and mushroom. They were happy 🙂Maia and Carter eating pizzaPJ had choritzo and bacon, there may have been a bit of onion in there (what is it with men? Pizza = a receptacle to eat as much meat as possible), and I concocted quite possibly the most delicious pizza ever: Kale, potato, onion and rosemary. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it…

kale potato and onion pizza It was quite delicious… right from the crumbly potato, to the crispy kale, the sweet caramelized tang of onion and the mix of cheeses topping it all off (edam, mozzarella and parmesan). It was yum. Yum. Yum!kale potato and onion pizza 2The best parts about dining outdoors in the early winter? Watching to sky slowly fade to night… dusk is still holding out for at least an hour right now. There were amazing cloud formations. It looks cold though, doesn’t it?DuskOn a night like tonight, when the air is chilly but still, it is lovely to eat alfresco. We started dinner with our backs to the oven, but as the evening wore on we turned and moved the chairs up nice and close to have our cheeks warmed by the fire. I love that feeling – cold on one side, but almost unbearably hot on the other. Having to turn away every so often to cool down a little before the warmth pulls you back into its fold.Pizza ovenAnd being on the outside looking in. It is strange to be sitting outside, looking into our house… such a different perspective. The best part of that was watching PJ clearing up and doing the dishes. Not idly of course – I was supervising the children eating dessert – a very important job lets not forget! Pj doing the dishesDo you like to cook and eat outside? I’m guessing that for so many of you, as the weather is warming in the Northern hemisphere, there will be quite a bit of alfresco dining taking place?

Ill leave you with a final photo of our cat, Billy… someone else as it turns out who was more interested in the meat pizza than my one:Billy thinking about eating pizzaXx

12 thoughts on “I can smell…

  1. lovelucie1 says:

    The al fresco season is just starting here in Yorkshire, England. You could smell the BBQs alight this weekend. You can always tell a BBQ weekend by the shelves clear of burgers in the supermarket. We seem to get so few sunny days these days, we all try to make the most of it whenever we can.


  2. TheBitchWhoKnits says:

    The pizza looks delicious! And I just love the photos of Billy, he’s a handsome fella! All your photos are beautiful. Lovely outdoor weather lately, so nice to be outside to enjoy it before it gets too hot/humid or becomes cold again.
    Now my tummy is rumbling for some homemade pizza 🙂


  3. Liz says:

    Wow..the pizzas look amazingly good. My mouth is watering. I love bacon, cheese, and mushroom pizzas. It’s funny, we are a lot alike…I also have a kitty that looks exactly like Billy, but she is a girl named Scratchy (named by Ireland)


  4. silverblackbird says:

    So jealous of your pizza oven 🙂 We haven’t managed to eat dinner outside yet – it gets just a bit too cold in the evenings still – but lunch outside is ok! Love your cat! x


  5. Lisa says:

    I love the pics! Your kids are so cute! Looks like the cat is ready to take a big bite! You have inspired me to try and make home made pizzas too! Yours look sooooo good! Hugz! Lisa


  6. jardineralinda says:

    I recognize and LOVE the feeling you are talking about, being outside when it is the exact chilly but comfy temperature.
    It is getting hot here and i am beginning to miss that feeling, and real summer hasn’t even started yet!

    Love your blog and have been following for quite a long time, but this is my first comment ever.

    Thank you for sharing and hi! from the island of Mallorca (Spain)



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