Inside gardening

As the weather cools and the focus moves inside our home, rather than that cleaning and tidying I should be getting around to, this week I have been re-potting some of my favorite house plants. At least then I can blog about it. There’s nothing like a little blog-based justification for my procrastination!!

Begonia 2 Begonia Spiderplant String of pearls plant SucculentsCylclamens Lipstick plant Fern VioletThese are just some of the plants adding life and beauty to our home, not to mention improving the air quality. From top to bottom they are: begonia, spider plant, string of pearls, succulents (which we call money plants but Im not sure if that is the real name or not), miniature cyclamens (a real joy of my winters, I love these plants), lipstick plant, rabbit foot fern, and african violet.

Do you have a collection of house plants?

14 thoughts on “Inside gardening

  1. mstery says:

    I love begonias! A very underrated plant in my opinion. Mistakenly considered an old-fashioned plant , here in Oz.


  2. bartynbozbartynboz says:

    All gorgeous plants Janette. Even though we are coming (supposedly) into our summer months, here in England, you have given me the inspiration to re-pot my succulents, I brought them into the house last winter to keep them from freezing to death! I put them all outside about a fortnight ago, still in one big pot, thinking summer was almost here – but it is going colder as I write! But, hopefully it will become warmer and as yours look so lovely in individual pots I thought I would copy your idea. So thanks for sharing.


  3. Nancy Hiraoka says:

    Oh, you are inspiring me! Your plants look lovely. I bought a bag of potting soil a few weeks ago, which has been languishing on my kitchen floor, plus some new pots. All my plants, too, have come whole or as cuttings from family and friends, Spider plant, christmas cactus, jade plant, mother-in-law plant, and several mystery plants!


  4. gentlestitches says:

    I am with Sandra. My plants are mainly cuttings from friends which have great sentimental value for me. Your plants were lovely to look at.


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