My thinking and making space

RainI’m sorry it’s been a bit quiet here at the Green Dragonfly, its not because there’s a lack of crafting going on. The weather has started the shift towards winter, its been raining a lot and with daylight savings now finished the days are getting shorter. This means that the lovely extended summer light Ive enjoyed for these past few months has finished and I’m struggling to get good photos to share some pretty things I’ve been making with you.

The move indoors has made me reassess the state of our house, and some much needed cleaning and organising has been in order. Ive tackled the pantry, main cupboard and our bedroom, next on the list was my office. Now that it’s tidy, the space is making me very happy… so I thought Id share it with you.Office 5When I’m writing, this is where I’m sitting and this is what is inspiring me. As you might have guessed, I LOVE dragonflies,so there are plenty around. I just picked up that teeny blue book at a trade aid store over the weekend and I’m still deciding exactly what I will put in it, maybe a story with some tiny illustrations?office 11

Here’s the whole space. Yes I assure you, this is the ‘after’ shot… just think of it as organised chaos!Office 1Most of the time there is no clear space on the desk at all…Office 9And here are a couple of small projects that have recently come off my hook… Ill be sharing these with you very soon! office 3To me it’s perfect!Office 10Do you have a crafting space? How big (or small is it)? How do you make it inspirational for you? Ill be back very soon!! Janette xx

23 thoughts on “My thinking and making space

  1. linnyjcreations says:

    Your space looks highly organised and inspiring. My creative space is spread in three different areas of the house. I store my fabrics patterns, wool, notions and trims in the large built in cupboard and some large plastic storage boxes on the floor. I sew in two places one in a hallway from the house to the garage, which I call my nook. When I need to spread out to sew for quilting, I sew on the formal dining table in the formal lounge. I am waiting patiently for one of my 3 kids to fly the nest permanently and I can have their room as my craft space.


  2. cck says:

    Your crafting space is really nice! I don´t have any, I usually do my crafting either at the living room table, or sitting at the kitchen table. In summer and spring (yes, we have finally had the first two spring days of the year -it snowed until last week) I also work outside in my garden. My yarns and fabric are scattered in baskets all over the house and I´m also waiting, more or less patiently, for my kids to use less space (no more small cars boxes or barbies or… or….), so that I can tidy up *my* yarn mess! Until then….


  3. wendy says:

    Like your crafty space unlike mine which is tiny and has quite a bit of junk around my laptop.
    Although I do have one of those horn sewing cabinets so my machine has great space ☺
    I like the look of those owl’s possibly mittens??? And I am yet to make the bunny’s.
    Must say my crafting can be done all over the house so I have lots of bits stored in various rooms lol. xoxoxo wendy in oz


  4. Nay says:

    I wish. I have two shelves in our massive 3m linen press for my sewing machines, uncut fabric, notions etc and another space in the wardrobe for fabric scraps, craft box and refashion box. I have a massive table ideal for sewing and crafting, unfortunately it lives in our toy room so it’s not exactly a ‘haven’ of sorts. I do most of my work on the dining table or on the ironing board behind the front door. It’s kind of good in a way, makes me work quickly so I don’t have to move stuff around too much!


  5. annamariefield says:

    Hi There, Love your craft space!! Please visit my blog to see mine!!! Winter is certainly on it’s way and you’re right, the long daylight hours are going to be sorely missed!!!!


  6. Kate says:

    Your craft space looks great. I have only just recently acquired my own craft space, thanks to my eldest leaving home:( So it is a work in progress and looking at your craft space is inspiring. Thanks for sharing


  7. Patricia Davies says:

    Your crafting area looks organised, everything at hand, which i find helps a lot! My daughter and her friend sorted me out an art couche work area in a tiny space in my back hallway at Easter. I love it am very grateful to them for all their hard work.


  8. Lori Lynn Lydell says:

    I love it! I want a little creation space, but we have a small house and all the space is being used. However, I do have a desk that is right now piled with stuff. I think I’m going to convert that to a mini-studio. It will be a start! And you were the inspiration. I love your space.


  9. Tammy says:

    My crafting and blogging space is right here on the loveseat in our tv room. No one even turns on the tv anymore. I’m surrounded by yarn and all sorts of stuff. Though if I want to paper craft, I do move to the dining table. Getting organized is high on my list of must do’s. Just very hard to get started . Your space looks great. Have a wonderful rest of the week. Tammy


  10. Sharon says:

    My sewing/crocheting/scrapbooking area is a small bedroom with an armoir, square heavy oak table, sewing cabinet AND an IKEA crib for the visiting 3 Little Grandchildren. I find it cozy & fairly organized. My yarn (‘wool’ to my British cousins 🙂 ), is stored in the closet and batting & photo boxes in the armoir. I didn’t realize how crowded it felt until my youngest daughter brought it to my attention. So, since now we have daylight-savings-time (I’m live in northern California), it’s time to re-do the room. I love your creativity, especially the flowered tea cozy on your home page. Do you have a pattern for it? You’re very inspiring!


  11. RedSetter says:

    My crafting space is currently the dining table with my stash hidden in the dresser. When I finally clear the spare room of boxes I’ll have a lovely craft room/gym. However, given how long it is taking me to get to the boxes I may be too old to craft by the time it happens!


  12. Nancy says:

    Your craft space looks so inviting! I love all the inspiration surrounding you. “My” room makes me very happy. I painted it yellow to honor my dearly-missed Dad; it was his favorite color. I’ve got most of my books in there, and lots of pictures and treasures. The closet holds my many, many craft supplies (have you ever met a craft you didn’t like?) and the view out the window makes me swoon. But do I use my room? No, I craft out on the dining room table or couch so I can be with my husband. I finally brought the laptop out there, too. But every time I run in the room to grab a crafting supply or project, I smile :-).


  13. Ruta Gr. says:

    Your space looks lovely. I wish a had one too, at the moment our place is way to small to have any individual space. Hopefully, one day I will be able to have a tiny cozy corner. 🙂


  14. chrissy50 says:

    I don’t have a crafting space but I’m going to make one as soon as I straighten up my bedroom and figure out what goes where. I only just sorted through my yarn and boy was that a project! I so love your blog. Can’t wait until you share how to do the adorable things that just came off your hook!!
    xo Chris


  15. gentlestitches says:

    Thank you for sharing your creative space. I have my wool room where I store everything and then a “special” chair where I do my actual work. I love those bunnies on your desk and thinking how they are spread across the world. I wonder what the little project you are working on is? Could it be an Owl?


  16. craftyalleycat says:

    My crafting space also doubles as our office so it is packed full – bookshelves and file cabinets line the walls. I am constantly cleaning off the desktop so that I have space to work. If I am scrapbooking with a friend I end up carrying the supplies to the kitchen table, but I hate having to put everything away again. I usually have a knitting or crocheting project on the coffee table in the family room so that I have something to do when we watch TV.


    • Sharon says:

      I can certainly identify with your scrapbooking frustration of having to ‘put everything away again’. I prograstinate with working on my son’s album because of having to put everything away also. Does anybody else have ideas for us? Good for you using your coffee table for knitting/crochet projects.


  17. a little bird made me says:

    Similar things are happening in this house – cleaning up, sorting out, looking at better ways to organise craft supplies, and to organise a craft space. My space is in the family room – I thought about using a separate room but this way I am in the centre of the children’s activity and can keep an eye on them while I craft away and can pick up and put down craft as I need to. It doesn’t make for a tidy room, but it makes for a happier home while they are still young!


  18. The Little Room of Rachell says:

    My resolution was to tidy up the Little Room tomorrow as the folders and files of notes from my recently (well, recently ish = January…) completed MA are still all over the place. You’re right; you do feel happier when a space has been sorted. This was a timely post for me!


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