An amazing autumn afternoon…

Autumn is such a lovely time of year, and here in New Zealand we have been blessed with a very mild season so far. We have been spending so much time out of doors lately, and today was no exception – despite a few squally showers!

Maia, Carter and I spent the afternoon at the park… just playing!

Well, and photographing (me!)

With so many beautiful colours, it’s hard to resist.  I find autumn incredibly inspirational…

Of course cute children make it easy too… be careful….

This child has a penchant for pink she did not get from her mother…

We had a lot of fun building up huge piles of leaves…

And playing in them!

Afterwards we headed to Starbucks for hot chocolates, YUM. What a great afternoon… they are going to sleep well tonight! Hope your day was lots of fun too, love Janette xxx

13 thoughts on “An amazing autumn afternoon…

  1. Brianna Asaro says:

    I adore the photos of the kiddos with the leaves. Such animation! Love how happy they look. Reminds me of my childhood. Thanks for sharing. Here in the states we’re entering spring/summer, but autumn is my favorite – so it’s lovely to see the pics of the leaves 🙂


  2. badagle says:

    I love your posts. Since I am in the US, it makes me stop and really thing about the seasons. In this the children are wonderful. I can’t wait for grandchildren.


  3. Lily says:

    Hi Janette. What lovely animated pictures. They show absolute innocent joy! I love Autumn as well with its warm colours and misty mornings. Lily. xxx


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