In my kitchen

pickled vegespickled vegesIve been making these gorgeous jars of garden goodness…

pickled vegesYou’re supposed to wait two weeks before opening, but Im not sure that I can wait that long 🙂

10 thoughts on “In my kitchen

  1. Lyn Zalk says:

    Greetings! Found your blog by chance today….
    Signed up and will be following your beautiful photography, crochet and sewing…..
    I live on a small Isle off the coast of NY…. raised 3 daughters and am now raising my eldest daughters child…. Love being a Gran, crochet, gardening and creating things… think I’ll try my hand at creating a lovely stamp for myself after viewing your feather tutorial 🙂
    Many Blessings and much happiness to you.


  2. Tash says:

    Hi! I also found your blog in passing today and thought I’d pop by and follow you! You have some gorgeous crochet tutorials that I can’t wait to try! 🙂 These look delish!!


  3. delphine says:

    I love reading your blog for many reasons, and one of them is the difference in seasons! It is funny to read about you making preserves (so colorful and appetizing), entering the end of summer, though on this part of the planet, we crave for freshness : fresh veg, fresh fruit, fresh and springy air! I love internet and the blogosphere for making people closer, eventhough they’re veryyyyyy far away.
    Oh, I almost forgot! Bon appetit!


    • Janette says:

      Cauliflower, celery, carrots, beans, cucumber, pickles, capsicum, and onions… mostly from my garden too! The vinegar was a mix of white and cider + peppercorns, celery seeds, sugar and salt. I cant wait to eat them!!!!


  4. beberouge says:

    Wow while I’ve been lazying around you have been having a wonderful time!! Happy Birthday to your beautiful little boy (sorry it’s late) and what a lucky boy with such a great cake. I love the bunting as well and what a great idea with his favourite socks the kids sock puppets look great. Such beautiful flower photos I seem to have missed so much but have had so much fun catching up. xx


  5. Marcie Cumberland says:

    My Husband and I have lived and traveled in a Motor Home for the past 8 years . We’ve seen a good part of the US this way as we go from place to place to work in tourist spots seasonally. But Girl, those pickles almost make me wish i was back in a house just for the harvest season!
    I may have to move in with one of my kids come September just to do some canning!


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