The big chill and a cosy bunny

The big chill that we are experiencing is not showing much sign of letting up, but to be fair we are having lovely fine weather to match our cold nights, so if you can find a spot of sun out of the wind its really not so bad…

The last few mornings we have had amazing frosts, which is actually pretty exciting for the kids… they love to get out and crunch around the lawn checking out all the frozen stuff.

Icy calendulaIcy KaleWe put out some containers of different shapes with coloured water in to freeze at night before bed…

Froazen coloursThe next morning they are fun to examine, touch and tip out over the deck (not so fun to try and clean coloured splotches off the deck later in the day!!!).

Bob the Bunny

Ive just recently finished a friendly little bunny for a friend who is having a baby boy shortly.Β  I think Ill call him Bob.

Bob in bedBob the bunny…

Quite liked snuggling up in bed,

But then he took a look outside,

And thought he’d rather hop out there instead!

Bob BunnyIf you want to make one for yourself or someone who needs a little crochet bunny love, you can find the pattern for this great little guy over at Greedy for Colour a very cool blog and well worth checking out.

Have a lovely day, Janette x x x

8 thoughts on “The big chill and a cosy bunny

  1. Sonia says:

    lovely bunny πŸ™‚ I’m yet to venture into the crocheting of small animals, but my mum gave me a book of patterns for Christmas last year, so I really must give it a try!


  2. Sara says:

    Bob looks lovely! And sweet gift for a sweet baby boy. Thanks for you kind words at Tangled Happy. More spinning goodness coming up next week. Wishing you a happy weekend. πŸ™‚


  3. gentlestitches says:

    This is an awesome Bunny and perfect for little people because of no sharp bits.
    I would love to show you my “Zombie Bunny Brothers” which my son thought of when he was little.
    They are on the bottom of my post “more dragons”


  4. Cindy says:

    I just found your site…How wonderful and exciting for me! Thank you. You have patterns I have only dreamt of creating. I cannot wait to see what you send me in your emails. You are are bomb!!!


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