Tiny autumn painting and giveaway winner

Here’s a closer look at the tiny autumn watercolor and pencil painting I finished recently… its going to replace my summer one for a little while. Tiny autumn painting 2I’m not 100% happy with it, so may have a re-do this weekend… but Maia has some other fun crafts lined up which she has been wanting to do for a while now, so we shall see how much I get done.

These paintings are only tiny, just big enough to sit on a miniature easel on my kitchen shelves… its tough to get enough detail into something so small. Nope, my office hasn’t had a tidy up yet!

Autumn mini paintingThank you for all your amazing comments recently, I really cant say enough about how special they are and how lucky to feel to have such a supportive community of like minded people around me.

So without further ado…. the winner of the washcloth and soap set is: Claudia.

I wish I could give something to every single one of you! Claudia, Ill be in touch, so keep an eye on your email! Janette xox


Tiny birdhouse painting

A while back I found this tiny easel, and today I created a teeny little watercolor and crayon painting just the right size to display on it…

I think it will live in the kitchen… on the shelves:

Birdhouse paintngHope you are having a creative day! Jxx

Green Ghost Moth

Puriri Moth Watercolour Of the more than 1500 different moths in New Zealand, the biggest and most spectacular is the puriri or ghost moth of the North Island. It has pale velvety green markings that give it a ghost-like appearance. The puriri moth (Anetus virescens) is New Zealand’s largest forest moth, with a wingspan of up to 15 centimetres. As its name indicates, the puriri moth caterpillar lives in puriri trees, but it also lives in beech trees, putaputaweta and wineberry. Puriri moth caterpillars dig burrows up to 30-centimetres long into a tree and feed on the wood… the caterpillar stage can last five years! When the adult moth finally emerges it lives for only a few nights, it cant eat so only survives long enough to breed… that’s if its lucky and not eaten by a hungry Morepork!

Puriri Moth watercolorThis is one of two watercolours Im working on right now.  Here’s a pic of my desk this morning… seriously need to have an office clean up.  Maybe this will make me get on to it!

Ill show you the monarch soon as she’s finished.

Today is also my Mum’s birthday, Happy Birthday Mum… Love you!


I thought that I could paint a picture that I would use for my header (its about due for a change). These are my first attempts…

Watercolour Girl crochetingWatercolour Girl crochetingMy husband (helpfully) said, but it doesn’t really look like you! Jxx

Edit: First new header up today, Ill try out the other one and decide which looks best 🙂

Strawberry thief

Despite our excellent strawberry patch cover, something is still getting in and eating our strawberries 😦

The children have decided its most likely a mouse!

I present suspect number 1:

Mouse and Strawberry watercolour

Watercolour sketch of Ben

A quick water colour and pencil sketch of ‘our’ Blackbird, Ben.

Watercolour blackbirdI haven’t seen him with a borage flower in his beak but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind that I painted one 🙂