Magnificent Magnolias

The weather has warmed up considerably in the past few days, and with it so to has my enthusiasm for spending time out of doors.

There are signs of spring everywhere, but not least in the magnificent magnolias which are blooming in our street. My heart lifts every time I see them. Usually as I rush by, this way or that… to school, to work, to gym, to violin,  to swimming and (somewhat exhausted) home again.

Today I went out walking not once but twice – with my camera in tow – to enjoy the spring air and to photograph these amazing blooms to share with you.

In the morning…

Magnolia4 Magnolia2 MagnoliaMagnolia5And the evening…

As the sun set went down they seemed to get only more beautiful.Magnolia3Magnolia7Beautiful magnoliasThe evenings are getting longer, tonight it was just bright enough for a quick ‘scoot’ around the neighbourhood after dinner.

“Hurry up Mum!”,A quick scoot after dinner“No time for any more photos!” xx

Out walking in the fog…

…With my girl ♥Foggy walk 2 Foggy walk 8Foggy walk 9

Foggy walk 7 Foggy walk 6  Foggy walk 4  Foggy walkFoggy walk 5Yes winter is still here, although the next week is promised to be fine (if a little cold!) back soon with more craftiness… Ive got a new project! How’s the weather where you are?? J xox

PS The pattern for Maia’s mitts can be found here.

Blowing away the cobwebs

We spent the last few days visiting a small seaside spot on the Coromandel Peninsula; Opotere. Unfortunately it rained. A lot. And when it wasn’t raining, it was windy. In fact it would be fair to say most of the time we were there it was rainy and windy. The day we came home there was a break in the weather so we headed out for a walk through the Opotere Reserve and to the beach. There was a lot of exploring, running and shouting to be had after being locked inside for days…

to the beach 2Opotere beach walkway Opotere beach walkway 2Maia and Carter Oputere smlOpotere beach 2 Opotere beach 3Opotere beach Flying in the windBoy it was windyto the carparkMaia and Carter Oputere Estuary Opotere estuary 2 Opotere estuaryAs you can see it is a very beautiful spot. We will have to go back again, in the summer… Maybe with our tent! What have you been up to this week? Anything exciting? xx

Mid winter at the beach

After a week of appallingly stormy weather we woke this morning to brilliant sunshine and a day more like spring than mid-winter.

Definitely a day to be outside – in fact a perfect day for the beach… so that, my friends is just what we did!

Raglan Panoramic June 2014 Raglan 1 June 2014 Raglan 2 June 2014 Raglan 3 June 2014 Raglan 4 June 2014 Raglan 5 June 2014 Raglan 6 June 2014 Raglan 7 June 2014 Raglan 8 June 2014 Raglan 9 June 2014Raglan Panoramic 2 June sml 2014It was a glorious day at Raglan, a beautiful black sand beach on the west coast of the north island about 40 minutes from where we live. The day was unbelievably warm, although there is a frost forecast for tonight. The smaller photos are panoramas, so if you click on the photo you can view them larger to see the detail 🙂 What have you got planned this weekend? Jxox


  The weather is getting colder and the leaves are falling… Autumn 4Autumn 5Autumn 3 Autumn 2 Autumn Leaves I love how these two photos capture the beauty of the last few moments of the autumnal sun:Autumn 7 Autumn 6We took a stroll along the river and through the gardens this afternoon between 3 and 4pm, it’s amazing now how much shorter the days are now. It was a beautiful sunny day, but as the sun faded the chill night air moved in, so we headed for home.

How’s your week been? What’s the weather like where you are? J xox

Paradise valley

Its just about the end of the school holidays, and since the weather is not supposed to be nice for the weekend we took a family trip to paradise valley today… it really lived up to its name!Paradise valley 20143 trout2Paradise valley 20142 UNderwarter trout viewingPukeko and pond  Wallaby in a can Maia and Carter paradise valley 2014sml Springwater collage Trout feeding Fallow deer feeding 2 Fallow deer feeding Paradise valley 2014There was a lot of trout and other animal feeding, Maia was particularly taken by the friendly fallow deer, but the wallabies were obviously more keen on sleeping than eating. We all drank the sweet mineral water straight from the spring. How’s your week going? I should be back in a next couple of days with a finished WIP to share! J xox