Girl’s crochet cardigan

Girls Crochet cardigan free patternIt’s about time I got around to showing you the crochet cardigan I made for Maia, which I finished in December, but what with Christmas and holidaying at the beach and general post holiday laziness I have been a bit slow getting up here on the blog.Girls Crochet cardigan free patternIt’s adapted from a free lionbrand pattern which was a really nice pattern and a great starting point.

To modify the pattern I used an 8ply cotton, the largest pattern size (the original pattern was for Worsted/10ply yarn) and a 4mm hook. I wanted something longer and more classic than the cropped cardi, so I made the body significantly longer than the pattern stated (just kept repeating the body pattern until it looked about the right length). Because the sizing was a little out I had to reduce the yoke a little to get the fit right for my 7/8 year old (it was too big around the arms for her).Girls Crochet cardigan free patternThe beauty of a simple pattern like this is that you can adapt it to suit your needs and the yarn you have available. I guess the only word of advice I’d offer is that if you are going to deviate from a pattern (or use a different yarn and hook than is recommended), is that you have the person you are going to be making the garment for close by so you can try it on and check the fit frequently as you are crocheting.

Another reason this took so long to show you the finished piece is because Maia’s tolerance for my photography ‘habit’ is significantly lower than it used to be. So after these few snaps, this… Girls Crochet cardigan free pattern…marked the end of the photo shoot!

Have a wonderful week everyone πŸ™‚

Janette xoxox

A list of things to do for 2015…

To Do ListThis is my to do list for the new year, what’s on yours? xo- J

Sea foam

This week I’ve been crocheting at every opportunity, I’ve really been trying to finish something, anything, from my growing list of projects.

And what do you know, with a little bit of perseverance and a healthy dose of self restraint, I’m excited to present my newly finished (right down to the ends all being sewn in, gently washed and blocked) Square Sweater:
Crochet pullover top 3
Really? Square Sweater? A name like that doesn’t really do this top justice, its beautiful; light and delicate, a blend of two yarns, one pure wool, one wool mix with some threads of green, blue and red… so I’m calling it something much more inspiring: my Sea Foam Sweater.

Although in all fairness to the designer it is a square shape and made up of hundreds of little squares.Β  But I’m sure you will agree, its way too cool to be called square!
Crochet pullover top 4
While I’m here, I can’t resist sharing this gorgeous rose which is now in full bloom.
Apricot roses 2
Who doesn’t love an apricot rose? And the smell… heavenly! Apricot roses
Ok, back to the top…Β  close up of shoulder:Crochet pullover top 2And a close up of the pattern detail. I’m happy to report this pattern is an absolute gem, it’s super easy. This delicate, complicated looking pattern is made with only a two row pattern repeat, and each row is almost identical, so that means minimal counting, which translates to being easy enough to crochet in front of the the tv (or when kids are around) without too much concentration! I enjoyed this so much I want to start another. Immediately!Crochet pullover topAnd finally, this is me, in my Sea Foam top.
Not a back view or a shot with the head strategically cut off like you usually find around here!Β  Gulp! Crochet square sweater
Have a wonderful week, friends ☺️

In my bag you will find…

Crochet bag 6My crochet work bag is full of all kinds of helpful bits and pieces, and it occurred to me you might like to take a look πŸ™‚

Crochet bag 7Top Row L – R: Dr Hauschka rose hand cream, embroidery cotton, sharpie, pencil, quick unpick, Mousie, hooks! Crochet stars (Ill post a pattern sometime) small container with lots of important stuff, pink beads, scissors.

Middle Row L – R; Crochet cotton, this flower, glasses for fiddly bits and at night (old age!), safety eyes, this flower.

Bottom row L – R: Foxy (pattern sometime), Lip balm, marble (no idea what that’s doing in there???), knitters needles, crochet cotton, lace. Crochet work

My project work continues, but is going to require a trip to the shop this afternoon… see that short length of white. Yep it ran out. Hope I can remember which brand I brought (the band is long gone), wish me luck!

So what’s in your crochet work bag? Anything you can’t live without? xxxJ

In my world

Here’s a few random little snippets from my world recently…

We are now mid-spring here in New Zealand and the weather is warming up. My garden is growing at warp speed – more on that soon. Its a rare occasion to see Tui in my garden, but this week there were a couple sipping on flax flowers. Birds, you will note, are well outside my photographic expertise!Tui in flax flowers

Speaking of flowers, Carter expressed his inner floral artist at school for their gala event. He had such a proud Mummy! Here’s his sand saucer;Sand saucer

ButtonholeCarter buttonhole arrangement arrangement:

Miniature garden:Miniature dinosaur garden

And glitter jar/upside down jar arrangement:Carter glitter jar

Walking on the beach, with toes out – much more palatable now the weather is warming up, hmmm might need to dig out some nail polish!Walking on buckland beach

Drinking lots of smoothies… mostly berries, sometimes with greens, but always with added chia (don’t blend them)!Berry Chia Smoothies

Carter the spider: Crter in spd web sml

Maia doing her best impression of a sculpture: Maia statue auckland art gall sml

Tillandsias hanging in my window… the best low maintenance pot plants, driftwood and macrame optional!tillandsia

The building (and rebuilding) of fairy houses is in full swing:Β  Fairy house Oct 2014

As well as raising seeds and planting seedlings like crazy, I’m propagating a variety of plants… this is my kitchen windowsill, and I’m happy to report that every eastern and southern windowsill in our house is also home to a large number of small jars with lots of other potential plants for my garden! Propogating cuttings

Our crochet loving cat (actually I think its the wool he loves!)Catand crochet

Finally, here’s a shot of a little blue crochet (one of two projects) I have on the go… more on that soon πŸ™‚Blue crochet

What’s happening in your world? xxxoooxxxx

crochet cowl free pattern

Easy crochet cowl

I recently made this crochet cowl for a friend.

open weave crochet cowl free patternWarm, yet light…open weave crochet cowl 4Soft AND snuggly! Best of all its a super easy design, suitable for those new to crochet…crochet cowl free pattern

Lets begin shall we? This one is made using 2 strands of 4ply held together, because I wanted an 8ply/ DK weight cowl. I loved this color, so used the two strands to achieve the weight I was looking for with a 6mm hook. Really though, you could use and weight yarn and a suitably large enough hook.

Chain 35:

open weave crochet cowl 9Turn and DC in the fifth chain from the hook:

open weave crochet cowl 10Chain 1, skip 1 and double crochet in the next stitch:Crochet cowl free patternRepeat across until you reach the end of the row. Turn and chain 4:Crochet cowl free patternDC into first space:open weave crochet cowl 8Chain1 and double crochet into each space across:

Crochet cowl free patternKeep working until your cowl is the desired length…open weave crochet cowl 5Then slip stitch your two ends together:Crochet cowl free patternWeave in all ends (there should only be two!), and put on your new cowl! crochet cowl free pattern crochet cowl free patternThen take a photo or two and post it over on the Green Dragonfly Facebook page!

Have a very happy day πŸ™‚ ~ Jxox