An unexpected gift

In a swift turnaround from what was looking like a rather ordinary week, our two-doors-down-neighbor showed up one afternoon struggling to see over the top of a large box which had been left with them earlier in the day (even though it was clearly labeled with my name and our correct address) by an inattentive courier.

The children were beside themselves with excitement as they tore off the tape. What could it be? Who is sending us this huge package all the way from Oregon USA?

Well it was a very generous gift from the lovely Lisa of Blondies Bearista. Packed up in the box were not one, but three bears, a monkey, a kiss and a turtle!

M & C with Lisa's toysThank you Lisa, for such a lovely, thoughtful gift… the children have become firm friends with the toys already πŸ™‚ In fact there’s not much room in either child’s bed at night!

Has anyone else received anything nice in the mail recently? It’s been such a long time (if ever!) since we’ve got anything near this delightful in the mail!


Weekend crochet…

Navy blue crochet 4Hello! Just thought I would stop by and share my Sunday morning crochet with you.Navy blue crochetNot to mention my beautiful new crochet hook wrap (thank you Nola)…Navy blue crochet 3…. nor the perfectly in bloom miniature Cattleya orchid. I’m very proud of its beauty and abundance of blooms. I could pretend this is due to my wonderful care and attention, but alas I neglected it for a year until last week when I noticed it was in bud and brought it in from the cold to show on our dining room table. Cattleya orchidAnd a few freesias, which smell divine and are popping up all over – giving me hope that spring is indeed here.

A few quiet moments and a cup of tea. Bliss!Navy blue crochet 5Just so you are under no illusions that I am alone, here’s wider view of my table this morning – the children are entertaining themselves creating a miniature theater in the sun πŸ™‚Navy blue crochet 2I hope you have a happy Sunday! J xox

A special little crochet bear

Hello!Crochet bear 6This is the little bear I made for my nephew this weekend, because today he is going into hospital to have a small operation.Crochet bear 7

His satchel was for the very important function of holding the smallest get well card:

Crochet bear 4Here is the proud recipient – as you can see he was very well received. In addition to the scarf and satchel, he got his very own ‘blankey’.

Carter and Jonty 2015 smlAnd I’m happy to report that the op went well, and tonight as I write this both boy and bear are currently tucked up in bed, sound asleep, and already on the mend πŸ™‚

Crochet and fabric quilt

Crochet and fabric Quilt 3My mother in law Nola was visiting this week, and brought with her this lovely crochet and fabric creation, which she has just finished…

Crochet and fabric Quilt 2Isn’t it beautiful? And isn’t she clever!

Crochet and fabric QuiltI love that it looks almost antique…

Crochet and fabric QuiltI don’t have an exact pattern to share with you I’m afraid. It came in a quilting pack with all the supplies so I can’t share it here. However if you search online you will find some very similar patterns.

To get you started here’s a good tutorial for making the squares and crocheting them together. The three layer rose is added afterwards when the quilt squares are all joined together… here’s a nice pattern.

Hope you are having a wonderful week! J xox


Our cat, Billy, has decided that he loves this wool. He actually loves most wool, and crocheted blankets especially… but this wool must be special!Billy and wool 2 Never mind that I want to use it, to you know, crochet with…

He says, ‘Its so warm, and comfy and purrrrfect for resting my chin on when I sleep. Go away with your annoying camera and wanting to move it around, Im trying to sleep here!’Billy and woolLater that night, when I was trying to use the wool he was determinedly perched on my knee letting me know how much he loved it … you’ll need your volume on to make sense of this video (and heaven only knows why it turned out so big) πŸ™‚

If you are on a mobile device you might have to view it here.

Red Shawlette

Today marks the start of two weeks of school holidays. I’m so happy to have finally reached the end of term, we are all in desperate need of a break… And while mine won’t be a long break I’m taking part of both weeks off work which I am VERY happy about. Anyway, as promised, here are the details on my latest shawl…Crochet shawl free pattern 3The shawl itself is made using the South Bay Shawlette pattern, this is a free Lion Brand crochet pattern, you can find here. For my shawl I used a 2ply merino angora mix and 3mm hook which resulted in a lovely close weave. Crochet shawl free pattern 2I wanted it to be light yet warm, you could use a much bigger hook (and yarn) with this pattern and it would still be lovely, but the smaller hook means that the shawl has a delicate look and while being light has just a little bit more warmth…

Crochet shawl free patternYou might recognise the edging, its the same lacy edging pattern as I used on my last crochet throw… You can find the pattern here.Β Crochet shawl free pattern 4

So there you go. Im in love with this shawl, it just gorgeous. The colour is beautiful and the yarn is positively scrumptious! As always seems to be the case with shawls, I Β want to start another immediately! I hope you’re having a great week, is anyone else on holiday this week? J – xo