Giving pottery a go

Thank you for all the lovely comments about my last post, I feel so blessed with your kindness πŸ™‚ The weather is still all over the show, and while its no weather for tomatoes or cucumbers, most of the garden is looking gorgeous, and this weekend I have three roses, and my peony coming into bloom – lets hope there’s not too much wind! I’m sure there will be more flower photos soon!

What’s the perfect way to spend a wet Saturday? At the local pottery workshop open day! The children tried their hand at throwing a pot on the wheel, free form clay sculpture and raku glaze.Β  It was a first experience with clay for them and they both had so much fun. One of the (many) unexpected joys of motherhood is seeing my children experience something new for the first time, especially when they adore it! I have to admit I was itching to have a go myself, pottery is something I have always wanted to explore more and I think today’s visit has convinced me to sign up for classes next term!

Carter on potters wheelMaia on potters wheelMaia and Carter Raku glazeMaia pottery flowerMaia and Carter clay sculpture Carter's cermic pendantMaia pottery vase


Here’s a couple of little video’s, Maia building her pot on the pottery wheel:

And Carter building his:

What are you up to this weekend? Have you tried any new crafty experiences lately? Much love, Janette xox


Crochet snake free pattern

Crochet snakes

Carter requested a snake pleasssssssse…Crochet snake free pattern

But once I made one it was hard to ssssstop!Crochet snake free pattern

It was alssso hard to stop thinking up silly snaky alliterations! Crochet snake free pattern

So I gave in…Crochet snake free pattern

So sssssorry! Crochet snake free pattern

So if you want to make one sweet sneaky snake, or six…Carter and crochet snake

You can find the superb simple sweet and not at all silly scaly or scary crochet snake pattern right here.

The only change I made to the pattern was toΒ  insert a couple of pipe cleaners wound together (and the ends bent over so they don’t poke out) inside each snake to make them nice a twistable πŸ™‚


crochet spider free pattern

Special Spider

crochet spider free patternMy little man has been having a tough run, this week he has been laid up at home with a nasty cold – for us in the Southern hemisphere the weather is cooling down and the cold season is unfortunately upon us.

Lots of cuddles (lucky me) and a new spider have perked him up…crochet spider free patternIf you would like to make this lovely crochet spider you can find the free pattern over at one of my favourite blogs Lutter Idyl. Unless you speak Danish you’ll need Google translate but once you start its not too tricky to figure out (even then I’m not sure I got it entirely right but that didn’t affect the lovability of the final spider at all πŸ˜‰ I also used a 4mm hook which made for a bigger spider with looooong legs). Edited to add, its now in English!!Crochet spider

How’s your week going? Have you had a cuddle today? J xoxo

Owl coloring page

Hoot hoot, here’s a cute owl page for you to color! owl colouring coloring pageThe file is actually huge because I did this drawing as an A3, so if you want to print it to A3 size so you can colour the detail you shouldn’t have any trouble – but it will also print fine as A4 too πŸ™‚

Click on the image above for the jpeg, or here for the pdf: Owl coloring

Maia coloring owlsEnjoy!

This weekend…

Home is where your story begins Carters magic eraser Carters rocket Bran muffins Carter's morning teaOwl WIP bead coastersbead coasters 2crochet hexagonMaia water coloring Carter painting3 2014Carter painting 2 3 2014Maia braidsAt home this weekend, it was a bit of a stormy one = lots of time spent indoors… the magic yes/no eraser, ask it a question, any question (well one with a yes or no answer)…. Carter’s rocket… bran muffins with homegrown grapes and raspberries, the perfect morning tea for busy boys… an owl coloring page I’m working on, Ill be sharing soon… bead coasters (so like a granny square)… crocheting daisy puffagons (pattern here)… girl painting (watercolor fairies) vs boy painting (acrylics and spider webs)… pretty milkmaid braids… How was your weekend?? xo J

Spider web coloring sheet

A new coloring sheet, this time for Carter- a spider web! Click on the photo to download the jpg…Spider web coloring

Or click on the link for pdf: Spider web coloring