Rocking and rolling

DSC_0468Tron rock hiding 5Recently the children have been obsessed with painting rocks. These rocks are decorated and hidden in various parks around our city – Hamilton – for others to find, love and re-hide. Dubbed Tron rocks (colloquially Hamilton is known as the Tron), this simple process has brought much joy to our family.

Tron rocks

And as a result, the win for me, lots of family outings on rock finding and hiding missions!

Tron rock hidingTron rock hiding 2

Which is a win-win I’m sure you will agree.

Tron rock hiding 8Tron rock hiding 3

Somewhat more sedately my crochet project is coming along nicely…


The motif for this section reminds me of the cheery faced pansies growing in my garden.


I’d forgotten how quickly and effortlessly crochet grows, and the colour palette is gorgeous. So bright and uplifting!

Hygge week4

So that’s how we’re rolling here just now, I’ll leave you with this pic of the kiddos and Dad at the balloon ‘night glow’ last weekend. Oh they loved it, all the way from riding their bikes there, all kitted out in high vis with their bike lights on before the sun had even set, to finding friends in the crowds and dancing crazily with their glow sticks. They really were rocking and rolling! Jxo

Balloons 2017

Oh what a beautiful day…

My Sunday was a lovely day, here’s a summary – in pictures:

Start the day with a little early morning water colour… it was chilly sitting in the shade!img_1848img_1884

My support crew went tree climbing! IMG_1833

Follow up with a hot chocolate and chai to warm up:img_1850

And maybe a little more sketching… she doesn’t look very happy in this photo, but she was, sitting there happily chatting away 🙂img_1865

Back home take a wander in the garden – I made delicious fig and ginger jam last week  – might need to cook up some more before the birds eat them all…IMG_1909

We also have an abundance of grapes, a little later than usual…IMG_1901

And some color here…IMG_1904

and there…IMG_1903

Help Maia decorate the Easter tree (glitter + pinecones!)…IMG_1911IMG_1914IMG_1917

After dinner, time for feet up and work on my crochet… which happily is coming along nicely. No more little ‘design features’ to report 🙂img_1892

And that was my day. Lovely!

What’s happening in your world? ~ J xo


Hygge progress 

This photo was taken a moment after I realised I am one stitch short in my shawl…


It wasn’t until I began the second pattern of the cross stitch that I thought it was looking slightly off centre…

I now know, after counting and recounting that I am one stitch out.

When did that happen?

Right from the first row….

What to do?


Look what finally arrived this morning…

I’m so excited to get started on my hygge, I’ll keep you updated on my progress! 

Have a great Monday xxx


For those of you who follow me on Facebook you will have seen progress of a little doll I am making for Maia.
Crochet Doll

She is rather cute, and has been named Daisy… which suits her, I think 🙂Crochet Doll 3

The pattern is a free one; Yun Shu… you can find it here on Ravelry. She is very easy to make, the pattern is lovely and clear with lots of photos. I made a few modifications to her so I could make her clothes that Maia could take on an off rather than crocheted in place.

I am working on making her a bedroom box – inspired by this lovely creation made by the incredibly talented Beth from By Hook By Hand, and Im also slowly making progress on her wardrobe. More on that soon…

Any crafting (including sock progress!) has been a bit slow going because we have had lots of bugs in our house of late, the children and I have all been sick for what seems like weeks. It’s mid winter here so I guess that’s just par for the course, but it doesn’t make it any more enjoyable. Fingers crossed we are on top of it now and will be able to enjoy the coming (and last) week of the school holidays.Crochet Doll 2

So what’s happening in your world? What are you working on?

J xox

Chocolate yogurt

Chocolate yogurt recipeWe eat a lot of yogurt in our family, usually of the make at home in our yogurt maker kind, which I like because it is neither too sweet, or adds to landfill with huge amounts of un-recyclable plastic.

However, we seem to have been on a bit of a kick with chocolate yogurt lately. You know the kind – in the little plastic pottles, lots of additives, not much nutritional goodness, but lots of yum!

So I decided to set out on a quest to make the perfect chocolate yogurt, and do you know I think I may have found it…

The original video is here.  It’s in french, which isn’t too helpful. However it does give the basic ingredients/ amounts which are:

370 g dark chocolate (I used 72% dark Ghana)
500g whole milk
2 tablespoons sugar
1 pottle of natural yogurt

And here’s how to make these delicious little jars of chocolate:


1.  Heat milk in heavy bottomed pot to 180° F (82° C).

2.  Remove from heat.

3.  Cool milk to 110°-115° F (43°-46° C).

4.  Add a pottle of fresh yogurt culture  (store brought plain unsweeted yogurt) to warm milk and let rest about 5 minutes before stirring.

5.  Add to a bowl which has the chocolate (broken up) and sugar, stir until completely melted together.

6.  Pour into a glass jar or ceramic container (I use five 1/2 cup wide mouth glass jars) and cover.

7.  Place into a warm oven set to 110° F (43° C).

8.  Incubate, without disturbing, for 6-8 hours or until firm.

9.  Refrigerate until ready to eat (at least 4 hours).

10. Enjoy!Chocolate yogurt recipe

So smooth.

So creamy.

So NOT for breakfast…

Nom nom 🙂