Work in progress

This week’s progress on my ripple throw has been slow… Ive been distracted by other things.

Here’s a shot of how its looking this week- you might not see much difference from last week because its only three rows wider *sigh*… projects that take a long time aren’t really my strong suit.

Ripple BlanketIts snuggly though!

So you may be wondering what else Ive been working on, and Ill admit this is a little from left field; scrap fabric… err… cats.

You see we were at a craft fair last weekend and the kids spotted these cats, handmade, really cute cats but with a hefty $20 price tag. Each. And I have 2 children both wanting one.  “Its ok guys I can make you a cat, I promise.”

So literally the minute we get home Maia is dragging me down to the sewing cupboard and pulling out my fabric stash rifling through it looking for perfect cat material.

Anyway, this is what we came up with.  Please use your imagination, it is a cat, I promise you.

Scrap Fabric Cat ToyMaia named her’s Kitty Cat, and it needed a bow to make it more ‘girly’.

Getting a photo of Carrow the Sparrow (yes that’s the name Carter gave his cat, in his defense I’d like to note he’s only 2) was a little more difficult:

Scrap Fabric Cat ToyBut despite his terrible name and unfortunate style, he has been much loved!

Scrap Fabric Cat ToyIn fact, they both have…

Scrap Fabric Cat ToyWatch this space, Im creating a crochet version as we speak.

But right now Im going to head on over to Gingerbread Girl and check out the progress on everyone else’s One a Day project.

Hope you’ve had a productive week!

Janette xoxo