Perfectly Pink

Just quickly stopping by while I have a cake in the oven (In case you’re interested I’m baking one of these, if you fancy a healthy cake this is it – YUM YUM!) and right now the children are outside occupied with Dad (I have no idea what they are doing, but all is quiet so I’m not about to run out and ask). Sorry its been a bit quiet on the blog… I am working on, not one, but two, dolls (I have tireless taskmasters) and a new crochet cardigan (for me!). I promise to share some photos soon!

In the mean time, today’s episode is brought to you by the color pink 🙂

IMpatientsPink petuniaAnother pink petuniaPink geraniumpeony 2014 2Teresa's rosePink  roseFoxglovePeony 2014My garden is awash with pink, not usually my favourite color… but today it is so bright and lovely, I especially love my peony which is in bloom early this year! Ahh spring, how I love thee ♥

To everyone who drops by the green dragonfly over the weekend, hello and welcome, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! If you came looking for some crochet inspiration you might like to check out my crochetlicious pinterest board… it’s been getting a lot of action lately. So many things to make, so little time! Love Janette xo

Simply beautiful

My lovely, luscious peony is in flower! This is a flower I simply have to share….These photos were taken in the late afternoon with the light filtering through the larger trees behind them, creating a beautiful effect on the petals. Three blooms this year – one more than last… I’m still hopeful that one day I’ll get a huge bush full! I hope your week is beautiful too, Love Janette xx

PS. In a complete coincidence, it’s exactly one year to the day since I last posted about this beautiful flower!

Pretty Pink Paeony

Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.

Ralph Waldo Emmerson.

PaeonyPaeonyPaeonyPaeonyA beautiful Paeony has flowered in my garden – the stars must have aligned because its only the second time this bush has flowered, the last time was 5 years ago! The first photo was taken 30 October, the last today; 29 November… Ive been (im)patiently waiting for a month for this beautiful flower to brighten my day 🙂 I hope it also brightens yours! Janette xxxxx