Mini cats and dogs

I love small things, Ive never been able to resist a tiny… anything.

Im drawn to  miniatures, especially little toys and such, tiny enough to fit comfortably in your hand. In fact I have a whole shelf dedicated to tiny knick knacks – a number of which date back to my childhood.

This weekend I’ve been making tiny crochet pets by Lucy Collin. Ive made many of her mini animals over the last few years, I love them all. The vast majority are free patterns and they are quick and easy to make, all in one, minimal yarn changes and almost no sewing of ends. Always adored, firstly by me and eagerly by my children who always beg and plead for me to make just one more…

No surprises, then that we’ve had 5 new cats and dogs join the family this weekend!

A pug named Petunia, two cats – Shadow and Paws, a Jack Russell named Jackie and a Dachshund (with a green jacket) by the name of Dash…

Perfect little pets, so well behaved and suitably tiny 🙂

Small enough to fit one, or three, in your hand.

And perfect for cuddling up with in bed at night (or slipping into your pj pocket):

Don’t you love that angelic sleeping pose Carter has for the photo?

That’s more like it…

Both he and Maia love them, and even though they are quite un-eastery, Maia has made an Easter movie about them! I can’t upload it onto the blog, but Ill do my best to load it onto the Green Dragonfly Facebook page shortly edited: when someone tech savvy enough helps me do it – I can’t seem to share with the page only my (personal) friends, fb is not in my good books!

The weather has been a bit dire of late, so I’ve also made good progress on my Hygge. Ill pop back in a day or two and share some update photos with you all.

What are you doing for the long weekend? What projects are you working on? ~ J xox


Work in progress update a little bit late

Well my Tuesday Tallies for the one a day group are a little late this week… Wednesday Tallies doesn’t really have the same ring does it?

I do have an excuse; on Monday I had surgery on my ankle so the early part of this week has been spent in a bit of a drug induced fog.  Never mind its all fixed now, and Im just looking forward to getting back on my feet again.

I have been well looked after, had some beautiful cards and two lovely bunches of flowers picked for me (one even included parsley).

Maia's card

Here’s what my ripple throw is looking like this week, that’s my cast poking out the bottom (as if that wasn’t obvious!)

Ripple blanket and foot in cast

I’ve had plenty of cuddles under it today while I was hooking a few rows, and it seems that even little boys aren’t immune to the cosiness of a pink crochet throw…

Carter and ripple

Im now up to 53 rows, so progress is steady. I’m hoping to get hooking lots of rows in the next few days as I cant really do much except lie with my foot up.

At the weekend I finished up a crochet cat (you might remember the fabric scrap cats from last week), her name is Caity and if you want to make one the tut is located here.

Crochet Cat Tutorial

I can’t wait to see how everyone’s projects have progressed this week! Janette x x





Green Dragonfly Tutorial: Crochet Cat

Id like to introduce you to the newest addition to our family, Caity Cat…

Crochet Cat

She’s a pretty little cat who loves to hang out in the garden… hiding amongst the flowers.

Caity Cat Tutorial

To make Caity Cat you will need:

A small amount of coloured yarn and a corresponding hook. Caity was made using DK (8ply) yarn and a 3.5mm hook. The flowers are made using a 3mm hook. Two buttons for eyes.

1. Begin by making the base of the cat. Chain 15, turn and single crochet (sc) into the second chain from the hook and in every stitch across. Chain 1 and turn, sc in every stitch across- repeat until you have a rectangle 8 rows wide.

Crochet Cat

2. You will now be working in rounds. At the end of the seventh row continue around your rectangle working along the short end putting an sc into each stitch, then sc in each stitch along the opposite side and along the last short end.

Crochet Cat

3. Continue working in rounds – do not join at the end of each row just work continuously around your retangle. Work four rounds in red, change colour and work four rows in pink. Change colour and work 1 row in blue. On the next row sc 2 together once at each end of your cat (reducing the number of stitches in the round by 2). Exactly where you do this isn’t hugely important, but try for the middle of each side. Continue round 3 and 4 in blue sc in each stitch around.

Crochet Cat

4. Fasten off dark blue and change to light blue. Round 1 sc in each stitch around. Round 2 decrease two times (once at each end: sc 2 together). Round 3 and 4 sc in each stitch around.

5. Repeat this same pattern for the two green bands (decrease twice -once on either end – of round two).  Join yellow and sc around 4 times – do not decrease. Fasten off, leaving a long end.

Crochet Cat

Crochet Cat 6. Next make two ears. Using yellow yarn chain 4, join with a ss to form a ring, use a split ring marker- do not join again. Sc two times in each stitch around (8), Sc 2 in the first stitch 1 sc in the next stitch, repeat around (12). Sc in each stitch around 3 more times. Fasten off leaving a long end to sew ear on with.  Repeat to make another ear.

Crochet Cat

7. Make a tail- sorry no photo for this, but it’s pretty easy.  Chain 50, turn and sc in second chain from hook and in each stitch across. Repeat so you have a long tail four rows wide, the tail will naturally curl up.

8. Finishing.  Stuff cat body – I find the best thing for stuffing crochet toys is cotton wool balls. Sew closed the top opening. Attach ears and tail.

Crochet Cat

Eyes:  Sc 5 times and join to form a ring. Round 1, Sc 2 times in each stitch around. Round 2, Sc 2 times in first stitch, one sc in next stitch, repeat around.  Fasten off, repeat to make another eye.  Sew button into centre of eye and attach to cat.  Embroider nose and mouth in a cat like fashion.

Because Caity loves flowers she is decorated with crochet flowers- and there is even one on her tail!!!

Small crochet flowers: Chain 4 and join to form a ring. Half double crochet  (hdc) 10 times into the ring, and join with a ss. Hdc 3 times in the next stitch, ss into the next stitch, repeat around forming 5 petals. Make three flowers in different colours and sew onto cat, the flower stems are simply chains, with leaves embroidered as I sewed the chain to the cat.

Large crochet flower (for the end of Caity’s tail): Chain 4 and join to form a ring. Half double crochet (hdc) 10 times into the ring, and join with a ss. Hdc 5 times in the next stitch, ss into the next stitch, repeat around forming 5 petals. Sew onto the end of tail.

Thats it all done!

Crochet Cat Tutorial

And the back view…

Crochet Cat

Caity loves to get outside…

Crochet Cat

…with her special friend Maia.

Crochet Cat

Last I saw they were playing a game of hide and seek in the flowers, with Caity’s cousins Kitty Cat and Carrow the Sparrow

Crochet Cat

Hope you are having a fun weekend!

Love Janette xxx