A new belt… or two

I was inspired this weekend to design a new belt, something a bit more lacy than the last one, a belt that would really dress up an outfit.

Crochet Belt Free PatternAnd then when I had finished the first one, I decided that actually I needed another…

Crochet Belt Free Pattern
These belts are made with a fan stitch.  This is a very easy stitch to master, its simply 3 double crochet, chain 1, 3 double crochet all in the same stitch… there is also a v stitch in the pattern this is simply a half double crochet, chain 1, and another half double crochet all in the same stitch.

These make up very quickly, if you can double crochet and half double crochet you can do this!

Fancy Fan Stitch Crochet Belt Tutorial

You will need:

Yarn and a corresponding hook.

The pink belt is in DK (8 ply) acrylic and was made with a 4mm hook, the green one was made with a 4ply cotton, and a 3mm hook.

D rings, or two bangles (more about that below).

Special stitches;

Fan stitch- 3 double crochet, chain 1, 3 crochet all in the same stitch.

V stitch – 1 half double crochet, chain 1, 1 half double crochet all in the same stitch.

Foundation chain: multiple of 10 chains + 2. (For the pink belt (8ply), I chained 160, for the green belt (4ply) I chained 200).

1. 1sc into the second chain from the hook. 1sc in next stitch. *Skip 3 stitches, Fan in next stitch, skip 3 stitches, 1sc in next stitch*. Repeat to end, 1sc in last chain. Turn.

2. Chain 2, hdc into first stitch, *chain 3, 1sc into ch 1 space of next fan, chain 3, V stitch into next space* repeat between * and * to end. 2 hdc into last stitch. Turn.

3. Chain 3, 3dc into first stitch. *1sc into chain 3 space, 1 chain, 1 sc into next 3 chain space, Fan into chain 1 of centre of next V stitch*. Repeat between * and * to end, 3 Dc and 1 sc into last stitch.

Free crochet belt pattern4. Turn your belt so you are now working along the bottom of the foundation chain (this is the opposite side of where you were working for the last 3 rows). 3Dc in first stitch, V stitch in next stitch. *Fan into centre of the bottom of next fan, V stitch into centre of bottom of next V stitch*, repeat  till end. 3dc in last stitch. Turn.

Free crochet belt pattern5. Chain 2, hdc in next stitch, V stitch in 1 chain space of next V stitch, *Chain 3, Sc in 1 chain space in top of next Fan stitch, chain 3, V stitch in 1 chain space of next V stitch*. Repeat between * and * till end. Skip 2 Dc and 2 hdc in last stitch. Turn.

6. Chain 3, Dc in 1 chain space of next V stitch. *Sc in chain 3 space, chain 1, sc in next chain 3 space, Fan stitch in chain 1 space of next V stitch*.

Free crochet belt pattern7. Sew in all ends. Sew on your D rings… or if you dont have any D rings you could raid a small girls jewllery box and make your own buckles!

Free crochet belt patternYou need to crochet all the way around the bangle, I used slip stitch- its very easy, you simple crochet from one side to the other. There is a great tutorial here (on you tube).

Crochet Belt Free PatternThat’s it, all done. Fancy isnt it?  Enjoy!

Crochet Belt Free PatternRight now Im off to get started on my one a day in this Ravelry crochet along… yes Im a little behind!

Have a great week, Janette xox

PS. The other Green Dragonfly belt patterns are located here and here.

Crochet belt for me (and you) too

I know, I said I’d post this yesterday… but ya know how Sundays just get away on you sometimes? It was beautiful and we spent most of the day outside, in the garden and just, well…playing.

Crochet Belt Free PatternHopefully it was worth the wait?

Crochet Belt Free PatternSuper easy, quick and crochetlicious!

Crochet Belt Free PatternWell I think so anyway.

Crochet Belt Tutorial

You will need:

Yarn of your choice and a crochet hook to suit- I used DK and a 3.5mm hook (this is smaller than I would usually use, but I wanted it to be reasonably tight as I’m pretty sure the belt will stretch with time).

First up decide how long you would like your belt to be. This belt could be any length you choose… I like it with a bit of length to dangle, but you might not. Chain until you think it is long enough.

For this belt I chained 190.

NB. You will be crocheting along the top of your chain then around and along the bottom side of your chain working in rounds, always with the front of your belt facing towards you.

Single crochet (sc) in the third chain from your hook and along your belt to the last stitch of your foundation chain.  When you reach the end, sc 4 times into the last stitch then continue along the bottom edge of your chain, all the way back to the beginning point. Sc four times in the last stitch (which was actually the start of your chain). Join with a slip stitch to finish the round, fasten off and join your next colour a couple of stitches down from your turning stitches.

Crochet Belt Free PatternHere’s a good tip for you, I like to weave in when I crochet wherever possible – saves weaving in at the end (who likes to weave in anyway???)

Crochet Belt Free PatternIf you look closely at the photo above you can see that I am holding my two threads that I want to weave in above my hook, so when I pull my yarn through they will be caught underneath (and woven in out of sight in the back of your belt), continue down the length in this way and you wont have to worry about weaving them in at the end 🙂

OK back to the belt…

Continue along the top of your belt all the way to the end. When you reach the last four stitches (which made a little loop at the end of your belt); sc 2 times in each of the four stitches around the end.

Crochet Belt Free Pattern Sc in each stitch all the way back along the other side of your belt until you get to the other end, and once again sc in each of the 4 stitches around. Join with a slip stitch to the first sc and fasten off. At this point if you want a wider belt you could  do another round or two following the same instructions.

Join your final colour, now you are going to be crocheting the picot edge:

Crochet Belt Free Pattern(Remember to hold your two pieces of yarn behind each stitch to weave in the ends).

In the stitch next to the one you have just joined your yarn to, *sc, 3 double crochet, sc in the same stitch, skip 2 sc*, repeat around the entire belt until you are back where you started and join with a slip stitch into the first picot.

To finish your belt, fold over one end and sew in two belt buckle-y things (I have no idea what you would call these if anyone can help please leave a comment!), they are half round with a flat end. I got mine at Spotlight. I added a couple of buttons for accent, but they really aren’t necessary.

Crochet belt free patternIf you wove in your ends as you crocheted, that’s it, you are all done!


Crochet Belt Free Pattern

PS. Other Green Dragonfly Belt patterns are located here and here.