Easy Christmas Crafts to do with Preschoolers

Its been a hectic week or so here, there’s been so much on – both silly season and work related.  Doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of crafting going on though (and crochet- more about that soon, promise)… I thought I’d share some of the Christmassy crafts we have been up to (suitable for a two and almost five year old).

Christmas tree cards made by painting a sheet green and then cutting out a triangle (for the tree) and a brown/black rectangle for the trunk then decorating…

Easy Toddler Christmas CardDoesn’t matter that its decorated on the wrong side of the card does it?

Easy Toddler Christmas CardHands and Feet Rudolph Reindeer – trace around and cut out hands (antlers) and feet (head/body) then glue together… add a mouth, big red nose and jiggly eyes. Glue an ice block stick on the back if you want to use it as a puppet!

Hands and Feet ReindeerThe kids had lots of fun with these…

Hands and Feet ReindeerEgg carton bells… cut out individual egg cartons, paint and decorate.  Punch a hole in the top, thread through a piece of ribbon and attach a bell underneath; voila a fabulous Christmas bell decoration!

Egg carton bellsChristmas bauble gift tags… Cut out mini snowflakes and glue onto bauble shapes, add a loop of ribbon and use on your tree or a gift.

Christmas Bauble Gift TagsOf course a bit of glitter will fancy it up a bit…

Christmas Bauble Gift TagsDecorate some easy to make angels;

Cardboard AngelsAdd glitter, feathers, sequins… the options are endless!

Cardboard AngelsIve included a template here if you would like to make an angel or two for your tree. Simply print off the angel onto some card, cut it out and use it as a template draw around. When you have finished decorating it secure the wings together by fitting them together behind through the two half cuts.

Paper chains… I remember making these every Christmas as a child.  So easy and lots of fun! Just cut strips of paper, about 15cm or so long and about 2cm wide.  Staple or glue together to make a chain.

Christmas Paper chainSo does our tree look like it stepped straight out of a show home?  No.  Do we love it anyway?  You betcha!  Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here…

Our Christmas treeNow Ive just got to get some pressies wrapped and under that tree, quick smart. I hope your week has lots of Christmas cheer, and its beginning to feel like Christmas at your place too!! Lots of Love Janette xxxx

Make a snow globe

Christmas is the perfect time for crafting with children. There are so many easy and achievable crafts they can manage and enjoy doing with great results!

Despite it being officially summer here in New Zealand, yesterday we made snow globes and I thought I’d share with you how its done so you can make your own too.

Make a snow globeYou are going to need some small plastic or ceramic figurines (something that’s not going to dissolve or rust under water).  I spotted a nice selection at a cake decorating store a while back which were perfect (and cheap!), I imagine most craft stores would have something suitable.  I didn’ t get a shot of the little trees as they wouldn’t stand up! You could also re-purpose small Christmas tree decorations for a snow globe too.

Make a snow globeAssorted glass jars…

Make a snow globeSome glitter for snow.  Silver is the obvious choice, we did make a couple of multi coloured snow ones too. Other ideas I read about include buying craft snow, or grating up a piece of white plastic…

Make a snow globeGlycerine- this helps make your water thicker so that the snow doesnt fall too quickly…

Make a snow globe

I didn’t take a photo of the glue – use an epoxy resin or a contact adhesive – something that’s going to hold up underwater.  I don’t think a glue gun would work too well here.  I also used small assorted plastic lids from milk bottles and small jars to make a stage for the figures to stand on – this just lifts the scene up a bit so it shows well above the jar thread.

Arrange your scene on top of the upturned jar lid and glue everything to the base and then glue the stage to the inside of the lid you are using for your snow globe.

Make a snow globeMake a snow globe

Pour cooled boiled water into your jar until it is almost full. Add a dash of glycerine (use your discretion here I gave them a good glug) and some glitter.  Too much glitter resulted in a snow storm, so much so a couple had to be emptied out and refilled with water! Sprinkling glitter is a lot of fun! A little sprinkle is fine…

Make a snow globeScrew the lid on very tightly – this is a Mum or Dad kind of job. Repeat as many times as desired!!  Admire you snow globes!

Make a snow globe

Make a snow globe

Make a snow globe

Book Advent Calendar

This year we are doing an Advent Book Calendar with the kids. Its really simple, 24 Christmas Books, all wrapped up and marked for each day leading up until Christmas. This way, we will be reading a Christmas story a night together as a family!

Advent book calendarWe actually only own 6 Christmas books, but Ive been trawling the internet and have picked up a bunch of books for very little, plus Ive got some from our library (4 weeks loan time) so its not as an expensive an activity as it may at first seem… and we will build the collection up over the next few years.  I’m hoping it will become a family tradition!  Of course we still have the chocolate laden version as well- unfortunately the concept of one a day (after dinner) for 24 days is lost on a two and a half year old… he ate four this morning before I realised what he was up to!!!