It seems like life to have picked up the pace a notch or three recently… here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to the past week or so.

Enjoying being outside:Spring in our yardMaking lots of these:Rainbow bands bracelets 3 maia and rainbow bandsWatching the bees hard at work:Bee in the borageCrocheting (starting a lot, finishing a little): Doily 100Loving the ripe juicy sweetness of spring strawberries: Strawberries in a chipEnjoying foxgloves in my vege garden: FoxglovesWaiting patiently for my potatoes to be ready:Potatoes gardenSmelling this gorgeous geranium every time I brush past:Geranium pinkEating lots of lovely light meals now the weather is warmer:Veges and dipMarveling at the eggs that fell when a blackbird nest blew out of the tree in our yard:Blackbird eggMore crocheting (I must confess that while I’m quite fond of these wee mice, my children inform me they look like goblin mice. Thanks guys, tell me what you really think why don’t ya):Crochet mice in a tea cupLoving self seeded aquilegias:Aquilegia purplePlanting (well need to get planting) these verbena:VerbenaFeeling more than a little bit tired, and glad tomorrow is Friday! How is your week going? x Janette

These summer days…

Sweet peas in the sunI’m sitting here typing this in a lather. It’s past 8pm and still very very hot.  But although the mercury has been rising, this summer has really settled into holiday mode… which I love.  No routines, no racing out of bed in the mornings. No rushing breakfast. No screaming at kids to eat, get dressed, brush hair, teeth, the cat…  you get the idea. It has been blissfully relaxed and we have had no set agenda.

I’ve spent mornings in the garden, and with plenty of rain in the past couple of months its really looking beautiful and lush. The vege garden is plentiful, my tomatoes have grown to triffid like proportions… and although we have had a few ripe ones, with more than 20 plants in, there are plenty of monster tomatoes which wont be more than a few days away. I’ve made zucchini relish, pickled zucchini and frozen zucchini, I think Ill have to make a zucchini cake next!

If you’ve been reading for a while you may remember Ben our pet blackbird?  He is raising his second clutch of babies for the season and is never far away when we are outdoors. He also follows me around the windows of the house when I’m inside just in case I might throw him a tidbit! No idea where he learned that…

summergarden 2Summer garden 3Summer garden 4There has been plenty of time for many many cuddles from my two favourite little people…Carter cuddling mummyMaia is right into cooking (Carter enjoys the role of official taste tester)… she got a new cookbook for Christmas and is working her way through the recipes.

Maia and Carter baking cookiesAlthough they both manage to get their hands in the bowl before the mixture is even in the oven. Ive noticed Maia is quite generous in the amount that is left behind to sample!

Eating cookies doughWe’ve visited every park in town. Twice…

Maia JaneAnd the zoo… The only thing worth doing in Hamilton in the afternoons, when the weather is like this, is swimming.

Summer 11And every meal is alfresco.  With this hot weather I wouldn’t dream of turning on the oven past lunchtime so even this delicious boysenberry sponge was cooked outside in our pizza oven, and aside from spilling all over the oven stone (oops), it turned out remarkably well.

Boysenberry spongeThis boy loves his desserts! Carter eating boysenberry spongeAnd I love summer!


Out and about this weekend…

It was another glorious autumn weekend.  Maia played soccer. We did lots of scooting and biking. Poppy got a new bed made for her. The top right photo is of a glorious tree dahlia in bloom on our street. There were plenty of gorgeous roses and camellias in bloom. I haven’t shared a photo of ‘our’ blackbird Ben, for quite some time but he’s never far away. Thank you all for your lovely comments about Princess Poppy, Im so glad so many of you liked her! Hope you had a great weekend!

Ben the Blackbird’s Babies

A little blackbird cuteness for you…

Ben, where are you going with all that food?Blackbird with foodWhat do you mean that’s all, Dad?Blackbird and baby“Dad… Dad… Im STILL hungry!”Baby blackbird“Dad, what’s taking so long?”Baby blackbirdThis father’s work is never done!

Blackbird feeding baby

These guys are growing so quickly its amazing… there are three of them and they are getting much more adventurous, coming right on the deck within a metre or two of the door.  They don’t seem to get the food themselves though, just squawk a lot till Dad brings it. Poor Dad, he’s overworked! Ben now comes right up to the deck door and peers inside waiting for someone to come out and feed him. I wonder if Mum is back sitting on a new clutch because I haven’t seen her around for more than a week.

Watercolour sketch of Ben

A quick water colour and pencil sketch of ‘our’ Blackbird, Ben.

Watercolour blackbirdI haven’t seen him with a borage flower in his beak but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind that I painted one 🙂