Good news…

Floating leafHow’s your week going? Hopefully floating along just like this leaf in the river I spotted yesterday when I was out on my walk!

When I posted my WIPs earlier in the week LOTS of people asked about the crochet slippers I was wearing…Crochet slippers 3Cute aren’t they?

Crochet slippers 4

Sometimes when I’m browsing around the interweb I fall in love with a little bit of crochet and I have to say this was the case with these slippers!

These lovely little house shoes are designed by Tara Murray over at Mamachee. Here’s her version:











You can buy Tara’s lovely crochet patterns at her Etsy store, she even has a permanent discount if you buy more than one pattern (sweet!)

With the possibility of a bargain to be had, who am I to stop with one pattern?

That’s right I got two! The slippers I’ve made for the children are called the Gailee slippers which are totally customisable – sized from children to adult – not to mention super adorable!

Tara’s patterns are superb, well written with lots of photos to explain any tricky bits and even some tips and tricks (this was the first time Ive ever glued in an insole, and it worked a treat).

And now for the REALLY good news:

It’s time for a giveaway!

Tara has generously offered five lucky Green Dragonfly readers the chance to win two Mamachee patterns each from her Etsy store! There are literally dozens of patterns to choose from…

Would you choose this pattern?il_570xN.237601545










Or this one?il_570xN.720445114_knd0

How cute are these??il_570xN.467864422_c9fg










Or maybe, like me, you’d like to make these?











So if you would like the chance to win please leave a comment below to enter the giveaway. And let your friends know too! Ill make the draw next week on 27 May 2015, and in the meantime head over to the store and imagine all the cool things you could crochet if you win, or buy a pattern (or two) :)

Thanks Tara and good luck everyone! Jxox


The days are getting shorter not to mention cooler… So the amount of time available for crochet is growing (being that I’m more inclined to stay inside feet up in front of the fire when the weather is gloomy than I am to brave it out of doors). I’ve got a number of projects currently underway, and have recently finished a few projects you’d expect at this time of year.

First up autumn staples – new crochet slippers, I’ve finished a new pair for me, and some for Carter:But you and I both know I couldn’t make some for Carter without making some for Maia, so hers are also almost done… One down, one to go: I’ve also made some new fingerless mitts for both children and I’ll share more on those in a separate post soon… Maybe when I can actually pin Carter down long enough to make a photo or two of his!

I’m still making progress on my navy top, although to be honest Im not loving it as much as I wish I did…Navy crochet 6It’s grown substantially since I last took photos, which is actually quite motivational!

I’m also working on another shawl. I find shawls very relaxing, I have far too many already but I enjoy making them so much – mostly because they tend to be quite repetitive, which makes memorising the pattern easier (perfect for when the children are creating chaos around me, or when I’m watching TV in the evening), but also because they are fast growing and, of course, beautiful :)  So a lot on the go, but never quite enough time to get everything I would like to do done! As always I’d love to hear; what are you working on?


Ps. Apologies if you received a notification of this post twice in you inbox. I’m using the wordpress mobile editor, and accidentally hit the publish button when all I’d added to the post was the photos I intended to use! Opps! 

An autumn walk

For  those of you that have been following for a while you will know that we live in Hamilton, New Zealand, very close to some spectacular gardens, maybe even best gardens in the world! This afternoon we took a family walk through them, and in the fading  afternoon light I took these photos – which I thought I’d share with you…

Hamilton Gardens April 2015 2 Hamilton Gardens April 2015 3

Do children always have such boundless energy?

Hamilton Gardens April 2015 6 Hamilton Gardens April 2015 4

Hamilton Gardens April 2015 5 Hamilton Gardens April 2015 7 Hamilton Gardens April 2015 9 Hamilton Gardens April 2015 10

I love this photo, but for the leaves, the fish could be swimming in the sky!

Hamilton Gardens April 2015 Hamilton Gardens April 2015 11

Hamilton Gardens April 2015 8Hamilton Gardens April 2015 12

Maybe that should be verdant autumn…Hamilton Gardens April 2015 13

Lots of fun with looooog shadows…

Hamilton Gardens April 2015 14 Hamilton Gardens April 2015 15Autumn really is a lovely time of year – the nights are cool but the days are bright and warm. The leaves are changing colour, but there is still so much in bloom. What’s your favourite season? What’s the weather like where you are? J xoxox


Rag Quilt

Yesterday I made a rag quilt for Maia… Rag quilt 2Actually it would be more accurate to say that I sewed it together yesterday. I cut out the squares some time ago but lost interest over the summer in sewing it all together (how unlike me!). So in a marathon effort that even gave me a leave pass from making dinner (excellent ploy to remember for future – sorry I cant tonight I’m up to my eyeballs in sewing which I promised Maia I’d finish today) my most excellent helper and I sewed a gazillion squares – first together (batting sandwiched between slightly larger layers of cotton and flannelette) with big crisscrosses, then in rows and finally all the rows together to form a quite lovely pink and purple, flannel backed raggy quilt.Rag quilt

The beauty of this type of quilt is in the imperfectness of it. I promise you there is not a perfectly uniform square in it, and the rows? They don’t exactly line up. I’m ok with that. I know there are some accomplished quilters out there (Nola I’m looking at you) that will not love this quilt. But I’m going with that its supposed to be rustic (can a quilt be rustic?) and of course if it was all perfect it wouldn’t be gorgeous and raggy!

Today its been through the wash, and flapped on the line in the cool autumn breeze for most of the morning, before heading into the dryer for a spin. Out it came, all fluffy soft and frayed and wonderfully snuggly, just asking to be crawled under and read to. Fortunately I know just the girl for such a quilt :)

Rag quiltI think this type of quilt is perfect for beginners (like me), and for those that are not that keen on getting everything perfect (truthfully I’d rather poke a needle in my eye than spend days lining up a gazillion squares and then trying to sew them all together neatly –  I can only imagine how much unpicking that would have involved).  Speaking of which I broke three needles in the one afternoon I was making this. One went through my finger so we can’t really blame that on the layers of quilt – this was slightly traumatic for both me and the 8 year old, but the other two were through pushing them and the machine too hard. If I was to attempt this again (which I may), I would buy some stronger (heavier?) needles.

Construction was pretty simple. I got the idea off the interweb, where there are some particularly helpful people who have made many of these quilts and put together lovely tutorials – like this one, this one and this one.

Aside from the cutting and sewing, a few hours last night was spent snipping all the edges to help them fray. My thumb is going to take some time to recover from all the exercise!Rag quilt 6So that’s that, would I recommend it? Yes? Will I make another??? Hmmmmmmm, we’ll see.

The weather has cooled down significantly here this week, and with it the light is fading, so I took the quilt outdoors to get some photos… supposedly just with Maia and her new quilt…

Rag quilt 5But someone else wanted in on the photo shoot :)

Rag quilt 4And now he wants in on a quilt too… PLEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEE Mummy!

When I sat down at the computer tonight to send this I found a couple of other posts which I had begun which I haven’t got around to posting, so all going well I will get those finished and you will hear from me again soon, but until then I hope you are having a wonderful week friends!

J xoxoxo

Saturday morning

Navy crochetA wander in the garden, a little crochet and a cup of tea… is there a better recipe for a Saturday morning? I think not!

Navy crochet 4I was asked yesterday what I was going to be doing this weekend… and I’ll admit I felt a little apprehensive about admitting my lack of grand plans. But the truth is I relish weekends just now because I feel like the weeks are passing by in a blur… school, work, after school activities, and even birthdays (Carter has turned 6, 6! How can my baby already be 6?).

Navy crochet 5It’s a welcome relief to have no deadlines to meet, no school bells to beat and no alarms to snooze. Even if it is only for two days…

Navy crochet 2And I am pleased to report that my top – in stylish navy, don’t you agree –  has grown, to more than double the size pictured here… one side is now complete and the next has began. Bliss!Navy crochet 6

What do you have planned this weekend? J – xox

Pancake squares

Pancakes are a Saturday morning tradition in our house, and for those days when I can’t be bothered standing in front of the stove flipping pancakes, I whip up a batch of super easy pancake squares. These are simply a modified pancake batter cooked in the oven (all at once in a tin). To eat you just remove them from the pan, slice and serve… Easy! Pancake squares 2

Because we have a plentiful supply of raspberries at present we are really enjoying raspberries in our pancake squares. But the pancakes don’t have to have fruit – they are perfectly delicious without – and you don’t have to be limited to raspberries, through the winter we enjoy frozen blueberry or grated apple, or feijoa pancakes… all equally YUM YUM YUM! Pancake squares What could be easier, or more delicious?

Easy Oaty Pancake Squares

Heat oven to 180 C. In a medium bowl mix together well:

  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 Tablespoons sugar


  • 1 cup self raising flour
  • 50g melted butter

Stir through approx 1 cup of fresh or frozen fruit (eg raspberries, blueberries, grated apple) – if using.

Pour into a lined baking dish and bake for 20 – 25 minutes until lightly golden. Test with a toothpick to ensure it’s cooked through.

Remove, slice into squares and enjoy topped with a little maple syrup and fresh fruit :)