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Cheep cheep the crochet chick

As promised, a new friend for your bunnies! Here’s a cute easy chick for you to crochet:Crochet Chick free pattern This chick is super easy, I promise you will be able to whip 1 or 3 up in no time at all – I know Easter is almost here… but these guys are a breeze to make!

If you would like to make some chicks in time for Easter you will need:

  • Various scraps of yarn and a corresponding hook – I used 8ply and a 4mm hook.
  • 2 x 9mm safety eyes (or beads or buttons)
  • A needle to sew your creation together with.

1. The body- this is the SAME as the bunny – so for detailed round by round photos check out this tutorial.

Crochet Chick free pattern Round 1: Make a Magic Circle and chain 3, then crochet 13 DC into the circle and pull tight, join with a SS to complete the round (14 DC). I’ve had a few questions about the magic circle before, it’s my preferred way to start a round. You can find a video showing how it’s done here. If you prefer chain 4 and DC into the fourth chain from the hook (then your DCs) or chain four, join with a SS to form a ring and then chain 3 and 13 DC into the ring. All techniques work equally well, I think it just comes down to preference.

Round 2. Join yarn in space between two DCs, chain 3 and DC in between the same space. 2 DC between each stitch around, join with a SS to the top of chain 3 to complete the round. Fasten off.(14 2DC pairs).

Round 3. Join yarn in space between two pairs of DCs, chain 3 and 2 DC in same space. Make 3DCs in each space between two pairs of DCs around, join with a SS to the top of chain 3 to complete the round. Fasten off. (14 3DC pairs).

Round 4. You are now working in the top space between each stitch, not the space beside the stitch. Join your new colour through the top loop of the stitch only. Chain 2, 2DC into next stitch, 1 DC into next, 1 DC into next, 2DC into next stitch, 1 DC into next, 1 DC into next, 2DC into next stitch, 1 HDC into next, Chain 1, SC into each remaining stitch around.  Complete round by joining with a SS into the Chain 2. Do not fasten off.

Round 5. Chain 1, SC into each stitch around. SS into chain 1.

Round 6. Chain 1, HDC in next 11 stitches, chain 1, SS into next stitch. Fasten off leaving a long end to sew your two bunny halves together. Repeat – you need a front and a back!Crochet Chick free pattern2. The beak:

Round 1: Magic circle (see notes above), CH 1 and 6 SC into the circle, do not join this or any round, continue working in a circle without joining. Use a stitch marker if necessary to mark your rounds (personally I just count the stitches) (6)

Round 2: *SC in the next stitch, 2 SC in the next stitch*, repeat between * and * around (9).

Round 3: *SC in the next 2 stitches, 2 SC in the next stitch*, repeat between * and * around (12).

Round 4: SC in each stitch around. Fasten off leaving a long tail.Crochet Chick free pattern 13. The wings (make two!):

Round 1: Magic circle (see notes above), CH 1 and 6 SC into the circle, do not join this or any round, continue working in a circle without joining. Use a stitch marker if necessary tp mark your rounds (personally I just count the stitches) (6)

Round 2: SC in the next stitch, 2 SC in the next stitch*, repeat between * and * around (9).

Round 3:*SC in the next 2 stitches, 2 SC in the next stitch*, repeat between * and * around (12). Change colour.

Round 4:*SC in the next 3 stitches, 2 SC in the next stitch*, repeat between * and * around (15).

Round 5:SC  in each stitch around (15). Change colour.

Round 6:SC  in each stitch around (15).

Round 7:SC  in each stitch around (15). Change colour.

Round 8: *SC in the next 3 stitches, 2 SC together (decrease) in the next stitch*, repeat between * and * around (12).

Round 9: SC  in each stitch around (12).

Round 10: Sc in each stitch around. Fasten off leaving a long tail.Crochet Chick free patternThat’s all your chick parts assembled…. now to put them all together.

Crochet Chick free pattern Position eyes and secure, and sew on beak: Crochet Chick free pattern 6With wrong sides together sew front to back: Crochet Chick free pattern Leave a small gap, stuff, then finish sewing together. Looking pretty cute! Crochet Chick free pattern Sew wings in place: Crochet Chick free pattern Almost done… just a little tuft on the top! Sew through 2 strands of each color: Crochet Chick free pattern Tie in a knot and snip to desired length… you’re all finished!Crochet Chick free pattern Happy Easter everyone! Janette xoxCrochet Chick free pattern

Crochet Easter Bunnies, and something new!

Once upon a time there was a very cute family of crochet bunnies…Crochet bunniesAnd although it seems like they were born only yesterday…Crochet bunny free pattern

This month they turned one year old (so a special celebration was in order):Crochet Easter Bunny

And they were allowed free rein in the vege garden – for one afternoon only! The spinach patch may never recover…Crochet Easter BunnyNot to mention lots of extra special cuddles…Crochet bunnies and Maia

This crochet bunny pattern has become far and away my most popular post and tutorial.

There are hundreds of bunnies on their very own Ravelry page.

In the past year I have received so many wonderful emails from people with stories of their bunny creations (almost always with photos attached). I love that such a simple design has brought happiness to so many people all over the world… I’d like to say thank you to everyone who made a bunny (or 18!), and took the time to send me a note or comment!

So in honor of the famous nibble nibble Easter bunnies, this week I have created a new Easter friend – Cheep cheep the crochet chick!Crochet chick free patternIll be back soon with the (very easy!) pattern!

In the meantime if you have made a bunny you might like to post photo on the Green Dragonfly Facebook page and/or a comment below linking to a photo so everyone who reads this post can see them too! :) Jxox

Crochet throw

Well, it’s finally finished…

I’m sorry it’s been so long coming!Crochet throw - finished 6 Lots of lovely color, but gentle enough to blend with lots of others…Crochet throw - finished 3 A lacy duck egg blue border. I’m going to post a separate post on how to do this soon, I promise! Crochet throw - finished 2Beautiful continuous as you go joins – you can find how to do this here. It took a little while to get the knack of it, but I’m quite proud how nicely these turned out! Also the bonus of join as you is less ends to sew in at the end :)Crochet throw - finished 5There are loads of tutes to learn the circles… check out this gorgeous one.Crochet throw - finished This throw has been on the couch for so long as a work in progress, it already feels like part of the furniture… Everyone is loving it:Crochet throw free patternAnd now that autumn is here, I’m sure it will get lots of use!Crochet throw - finished 7

So now I’m trawling around for a new project… any suggestions? xx


Up up and away…

We are lucky to have a balloon festival here every year… which results in some early morning balloon spotting expeditions:  Balloons 2014 7Balloons 2014 10Balloons 2014 4 Balloons 2014 3 Balloons 2014 2Balloons 2014 5Balloons 2014Balloons 2014 6I love to watch the balloons, but have no real desire to fly in one… although I’m pretty sure my children would jump at the chance (Carter especially). Have you ever traveled by hot air balloon? What’s ‘up’ in your world? Jxo

PS. My throw is finally finished. I just need to get some decent pics!

Owl coloring page

Hoot hoot, here’s a cute owl page for you to color! owl colouring coloring pageThe file is actually huge because I did this drawing as an A3, so if you want to print it to A3 size so you can colour the detail you shouldn’t have any trouble – but it will also print fine as A4 too :)

Click on the image above for the jpeg, or here for the pdf: Owl coloring

Maia coloring owlsEnjoy!

This weekend…

Home is where your story begins Carters magic eraser Carters rocket Bran muffins Carter's morning teaOwl WIP bead coastersbead coasters 2crochet hexagonMaia water coloring Carter painting3 2014Carter painting 2 3 2014Maia braidsAt home this weekend, it was a bit of a stormy one = lots of time spent indoors… the magic yes/no eraser, ask it a question, any question (well one with a yes or no answer)…. Carter’s rocket… bran muffins with homegrown grapes and raspberries, the perfect morning tea for busy boys… an owl coloring page I’m working on, Ill be sharing soon… bead coasters (so like a granny square)… crocheting daisy puffagons (pattern here)… girl painting (watercolor fairies) vs boy painting (acrylics and spider webs)… pretty milkmaid braids… How was your weekend?? xo J

Perfect peach pie…

Golden queen peachesWe’ve enjoyed a looooonnnnnnggggg hot summer, and even though its officially autumn our weather station informs me that its still 27 C right now – and its 6.30pm! I’m not complaining though, I know winter is just around the corner so I fully intend to remain in summer mode as long as I possibly can.

Of all the fruit and veg our garden has provided this summer, the golden queen peach has been my favourite. So sweet, juicy and so, so peachy… it’s like biting a little bit of summer each time I sink my teeth in. Nothing at all like a ‘brought’ peach; homegrown golden queens really are the royalty of peaches.

Ours are now almost at their end, brown spots are appearing and skins are wrinkling, so tonight I cooked up a simple pie with the last of them.

Peach pieA crusty crispy crust….

Sweet and juicy center, with a hint of lemony tang…

And the smell which fills the kitchen? Heavenly!

A perfect end of summer food… this pie really hit the spot.

With maybe just a smidgen of hokey pokey ice cream! Yum!

Peach pie and ice creamRaewyn’s Perfect Peach Pie


  • 1 cup flour
  • 60g cold butter
  • 1/4 c iced water

Pie filling

  • 6-8 peaches (peeled and sliced)
  • 1/2 c sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon butter
  • 2 Tablespoons lemon juice and zest of a lemon
  • 1 egg

Preheat oven to 200 C.

Make the dough using a food processor – cut the butter into the flour, then with the motor running add the water in a slow stream. Keep blending until the mix all comes together to form a ball. Roll the dough on a lightly floured board and transfer to pie dish (I like to cook the pie and trim the extra pastry from the edge later).  Peel and slice the peaches and arrange in dish.Peach pie 2Heat together the sugar, lemon juice and butter until melted/dissolved, cool slightly, then beat in the egg and pour over the peaches. Transfer to hot oven and bake until set and the pastry is golden… about 30 – 40 minutes- perhaps slightly less than this one, but those crispy edges were deliciously caramelized! Perfect peach pie

Enjoy! How’s your week going? Are you cooking up anything delicious you really just HAVE to share with me? – Jxo

A quiet moment…

Goodness me, it’s been a while hasn’t it? No real reason for a lack of posts, except that I have been waiting for topic inspiration to strike – which hasn’t really… Lots has been going on, but nothing that has struck me as truly inspirational and write-about-worthy – or maybe its the added pressure that more of you are now following me and I feel like I should say only noteworthy and sensible things?

This week I’m loving cups of tea from my new dragonfly cup… the weather is cooling, not during the day so much but cooler mornings and evenings, which signal that autumn is indeed here. Dragonfly cup and tea potMy blanket is coming along ~ slowly ~ but I promise you, progress is being made. I’m working on the last round of edging… in gorgeous duck egg blue. tea and crochet 4Once the edge is complete there’s only the ends to sew in, so I’m hoping to have a finished throw to share by the end of the week (sooner if I actually start crocheting more and procrastinating less!).tea and crochet 5So on that note, now that the children are tucked up in bed and the evening is closing in, I’m off to sip my tea and crochet a little more. How’s your week going, what are you working on right now? Do tell… Janette xox


In the garden

How has your week panned out? It’s been a lovely week here, the weather holds. It’s still nice and warm, and although rain was forecast this weekend, it has not arrived. School and after school activities are now in full swing, and the pace of life has picked up to match, as have I – needs must.

Today I’m going to share a little more of my garden, but Ill be back in a day or two with some crafty progress and other happenings from around the place.

My vege garden has found a new lease of life, consistent watering and the continuing long hot summer has given it a second wind. We have water restrictions so I’m getting up at 6am every second day and turning on the sprinkler for an hour or two.  I’ve got another round of summer crops in, the tomatoes, courgettes and cucumbers are still going strong and many autumn crops are beginning to take off too.

Here are some garden shots taken over the last week…

Leeks, interspersed with coriander, silverbeet and zinnias:Garden feb 2014A second crop of potatoes… hope there are lot’s of lovely taters under those leafy heads! Garden feb 2014 potatoes

A golden courgette flower:

Corgette flowerBee on the wing, they love these borage flowers:

Bee and borageCinnamon basil, the first time Ive grown this variety, it seems to be very abundant… must make pesto this week before the basil all turns the corner:

Cinnamon BasilA drooping sunflower head in the late afternoon sun. If you’ve figured out an easy way to harvest the seeds please let me know:

Dead sunflowerThe second crop of raspberries, even better than the first!

Raspberries ripeningMarigolds, basil and tomatoes, wonderful companions, all have thrived this summer:

Marigolds tomatoes and basilDill seed heads… one of two herbs I never plant but always have in abundance due to self seeding (or lazy gardening!) – the other is coriander:

Dill flowersI think they are so beautiful too…Dill seed head 2

We’ve an awesome crop of golden queen peaches this year – YUM:

Golden queen peachesFinally the perfect antidote to these hot afternoons… a little sprinkler action:

In the sprinklerWhat’s been happening in your neck of the woods? Do tell… Jxx