Red Shawlette

Today marks the start of two weeks of school holidays. I’m so happy to have finally reached the end of term, we are all in desperate need of a break… And while mine won’t be a long break I’m taking part of both weeks off work which I am VERY happy about. Anyway, as promised, here are the details on my latest shawl…Crochet shawl free pattern 3The shawl itself is made using the South Bay Shawlette pattern, this is a free Lion Brand crochet pattern, you can find here. For my shawl I used a 2ply merino angora mix and 3mm hook which resulted in a lovely close weave. Crochet shawl free pattern 2I wanted it to be light yet warm, you could use a much bigger hook (and yarn) with this pattern and it would still be lovely, but the smaller hook means that the shawl has a delicate look and while being light has just a little bit more warmth…

Crochet shawl free patternYou might recognise the edging, its the same lacy edging pattern as I used on my last crochet throw… You can find the pattern hereCrochet shawl free pattern 4

So there you go. Im in love with this shawl, it just gorgeous. The colour is beautiful and the yarn is positively scrumptious! As always seems to be the case with shawls, I  want to start another immediately! I hope you’re having a great week, is anyone else on holiday this week? J – xo


Red and grey…

I’ve finished my red shawl. Yay!Crochet shawl 3Its lovely and soft and I’m mixing it up today with a grey skull sweatshirt… as you do. Crochet shawl 2Ill post some more photos and details soon :)Crochet shawlxxx ooo

Things to love about winter…

As you’ve probably already guessed, winter is not my favorite season. We seem to be having more than our share of bugs this winter, but then there are some bright spots…
Reading crochet blankets 2Today for instance, lying in the afternoon sun cosied in crochet blankets and cuddling my hot water bottle (and various small children) while reading a good book… Bliss!

Reading crochet blanketsThis got me thinking about what I love about winter and without any trouble at all I settled on a few favorites:

Winter lovesSo now I’m wondering, what would you add to the list – what do you love about the cold winter months? I know some of you (in fact if the stats are correct, most of you) are currently enjoying the midst of the northern hemisphere summer. But no matter where you are in the world, mid summer or mid winter, I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday full of happiness and many small pleasures!  – xo J


Tiny snail

Tiny snail 2

Tiny snail 3

Tiny snail 4

Like this tiny snail, I’m taking things more slowly this week. We’re still recovering from the bugs, but there’s only one more week left of the school term so looking forward to the break like a light at the end of the (winter) tunnel. Unlike this snail, I’m not cruising around outside much so you’re more likely to find me snuggled up in front of the fire :)


Toadstools coloring page

Toadstool coloringI made a new coloring sheet, this one in keeping with the toadstool theme :)

You can download it by clicking on this image:

Toadstool coloring page

Or to download it as a pdf, click here.

Enjoy :)

Maia coloring toadstools

Crochet toadstools

Everyone here has had the lurgy this week… Now that winter is here I guess it’s par for the course, but all the same its not been much fun!

In between caring for sick kids (and this weekend, an extremely sick husband) I made my own little ring of crochet toadstools… Crochet toadstoolsComplete with tiny snail!Crochet toadstoolsWhen I look at these photos they look pretty big, but I crocheted them with 4ply wool and a 2.5mm hook – the tallest one is only about 6cm (2.5”) tall, and the snail is only 3cm (1.25”) long, so its all pretty small and VERY cute.

I’m thinking that they could make a cute scene on one of my tea cosies… but for now I’ve made a ‘little patch of grass’ with a felt back and have them sitting on my kitchen shelves where I can admire them every day. So far no fairies have shown up though :)
Crochet toadstoolsHow’s your weekend been? What have you been making this week? Jxx