Holidays and making days

Term one is over and with Easter the holidays have started…

We spent Easter Sunday with family and a trip to the beach. In between eating chocolate that is.

After the second tropical cyclone in as many weeks, the weather was superb, and the beach laden with treasures for the finding.

The children and my brothers made a beach hut over three days. It was a architectural feat and a sight to behold!

It was ALMOST warm enough for swimming. For me it was perfectly warm enough for photography 🙂

There’s been plenty of making taking place now school’s out. The children have been making some very nice mice... these are much tidier than the slime they spent yesterday concocting!

This is a lovely free sewing pattern from Ann Wood, lots of fun and suitably small and cute!

They look pleased with their efforts don’t they?

Billy doesn’t look so happy with his new make… Maia lovingly crafted this finger knitted scarf just for him (matches the mice!).

In other projects at our house, my Hygge is coming along well:

I really enjoy making the cross stitch on crochet. I’ve never cross stitched before, but its very relaxing (once you get the stitches in the right place that is). The single crochet is getting a little mind numbing, but easy to work on in front of the TV after work in the evenings 🙂

What are you working on, any good holiday projects for kids you can recommend?

10 thoughts on “Holidays and making days

  1. Alice says:

    What lovely weather for your vacation and the pictures are gorgeous. The beach hut is amazing. They did a great job. Love the little mice! Billy looks distinguished in his scarf. Love your Hygge and the patterns are lovely. I was never able to master cross stitch lol but enjoy crocheting. My latest project is making some cotton stems for my dining room. It’s much easier than I thought it would be. However it is a little messy painting the egg crate cutouts I glued the cotton balls in.


  2. Tami says:

    What a lovely Easter outing! I just love beaches. The mice are entirely too cute! I think my cats would never speak to me again if I tried to put a scarf on them. 😀 Single stitching does get boring after a bit, but knowing that you are going to embroider some excitement into it afterwords must make it easier. The stitch work looks amazing, like you’ve been doing embroidery on crochet for years! 😀

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  3. Fred the Needle says:

    What a lovely week you had! The beach looks glorious! The mice are quite delightful what clever children – I like the colours. And the Cat looks very stylish with a pink scarf.

    I did not realise you could combine cross stitch and crochet so effectively! what a brilliant idea, and it is looking lovely!

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  4. blondie63 says:

    Awww the mice are so cute! Your kids are so adorable!!! I love they enjoy crafting!!! Your project is gorgeous sweetie! You should frame it and hang it on the wall! I love the beach too! The hut your kidlets made with your brothers is so kewl! What a neat idea! Have a great week, Hugs Lisa and Bear

    Liked by 1 person

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