Mini cats and dogs

I love small things, Ive never been able to resist a tiny… anything.

Im drawn to  miniatures, especially little toys and such, tiny enough to fit comfortably in your hand. In fact I have a whole shelf dedicated to tiny knick knacks – a number of which date back to my childhood.

This weekend I’ve been making tiny crochet pets by Lucy Collin. Ive made many of her mini animals over the last few years, I love them all. The vast majority are free patterns and they are quick and easy to make, all in one, minimal yarn changes and almost no sewing of ends. Always adored, firstly by me and eagerly by my children who always beg and plead for me to make just one more…

No surprises, then that we’ve had 5 new cats and dogs join the family this weekend!

A pug named Petunia, two cats – Shadow and Paws, a Jack Russell named Jackie and a Dachshund (with a green jacket) by the name of Dash…

Perfect little pets, so well behaved and suitably tiny 🙂

Small enough to fit one, or three, in your hand.

And perfect for cuddling up with in bed at night (or slipping into your pj pocket):

Don’t you love that angelic sleeping pose Carter has for the photo?

That’s more like it…

Both he and Maia love them, and even though they are quite un-eastery, Maia has made an Easter movie about them! I can’t upload it onto the blog, but Ill do my best to load it onto the Green Dragonfly Facebook page shortly edited: when someone tech savvy enough helps me do it – I can’t seem to share with the page only my (personal) friends, fb is not in my good books!

The weather has been a bit dire of late, so I’ve also made good progress on my Hygge. Ill pop back in a day or two and share some update photos with you all.

What are you doing for the long weekend? What projects are you working on? ~ J xox


9 thoughts on “Mini cats and dogs

  1. blondie63 says:

    Wow your collection is so kewl! I love the tiny animals that you made! I don’t think I can do anything that small! I tend to make things mondo sized! Tee hee Carter is is so cute! So is is his sister! Have a great weekend sweetie. Hugz Lisa and Bear

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  2. Alice says:

    Those new additions are gorgeous! I don’t know how you manage with making something so tiny. My fingers won’t cooperate with the tiny work anymore thanks to arthritis, but I can enjoy seeing beautiful creations like yours. Thanks for making me smile through a difficult start to my day with this lovely post.

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  3. BlondeeinNV says:

    Soooo darn cute! Just absolutely adorable!! No wonder you love making them and they make your kids so very happy and that’s what it’s all about, making someone you love happy! 😍

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  4. Mara says:

    Why did I click the link!? I just discovered the new star wars crochet book by Lucy, my nieces and nephews loved the last lot. Love the cats and dogs too. Just stopped by as my daughter has requested mittens so I’ll be using the owl pattern. I’ve made several doily bags too, sweetest bag pattern I have found so far, thanks muchly.


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