For those of you who follow me on Facebook you will have seen progress of a little doll I am making for Maia.
Crochet Doll

She is rather cute, and has been named Daisy… which suits her, I think 🙂Crochet Doll 3

The pattern is a free one; Yun Shu… you can find it here on Ravelry. She is very easy to make, the pattern is lovely and clear with lots of photos. I made a few modifications to her so I could make her clothes that Maia could take on an off rather than crocheted in place.

I am working on making her a bedroom box – inspired by this lovely creation made by the incredibly talented Beth from By Hook By Hand, and Im also slowly making progress on her wardrobe. More on that soon…

Any crafting (including sock progress!) has been a bit slow going because we have had lots of bugs in our house of late, the children and I have all been sick for what seems like weeks. It’s mid winter here so I guess that’s just par for the course, but it doesn’t make it any more enjoyable. Fingers crossed we are on top of it now and will be able to enjoy the coming (and last) week of the school holidays.Crochet Doll 2

So what’s happening in your world? What are you working on?

J xox

16 thoughts on “Daisy

  1. pinksparkle56 says:

    Hi there, what a lovely doll you’ve made! I like that you can change the clothes as it makes it more fun to play with. Sorry to hear you have all been unwell. We are in our summer time in the UK and today has started hot and humid.
    Thanks for the link to the pattern.


  2. Rainbow Junkie says:

    Summer here. Hotter today but cloudy that isn’t such fun! Lovely doll and so much better if you can take the clothes off and on. I’m working on a cushion cover but a bit slow as I am over straining my wrists with DIY lately!


  3. Linda says:

    Love your little doll. And like you I get so much inspiration from Beth’s blog. Isn’t it great that so many people share their creativity? …including you! Hope all are well at your house soon. Here in central Illinois we are deep in heat and humidity. Winter sounds quite appealing right about now!


  4. Sally Underwood says:

    It is summer here in the Canary Islands, about 34 degrees in the shade. I am staying inside making a crochet Nativity Scene for a competition in our local shopping centre. The display has to be ready for November. Last year the prize was 600 euros so I decided to get started early with my ‘Belen’ – that is the name for nativity scene in Spanish.

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  5. Janet Capeling says:

    Just love Daisy! I have just downloaded the pattern and I want to get started right away but I must just finish the 3 (or 4) baby jackets I am doing for a new great grandchild and great nephew! So many beautiful patterns so little time! Keep up the good work I love you ‘blog’ is it!


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