The weekend

Summer has drifted slowly into autumn, and although the weather is still warm, we’re well into the cooler season mode. I’m certainly struggling with moving far from home, enjoying the quieter change of pace that the change of season brings.

Autumn mornings are the perfect time for raspberry pancake squares (yes we are still picking raspberries – yum!)DSC_0047
So what did I get up to this weekend?

DSC_0107 (1)Can you spot what’s peaking out from under this beautiful orchid?

Yes I’ve started knitting a pair of socks.

It’s many a year since I’ve knitted, but I’ve seen so many gorgeous socks being produced all over the internet, I decided I would give them a go.

After the initial fiddling and fumbling with the tiny circular needle, no less than 5 starts on the rib(!), and more than a few dropped stitches, I pulled myself together and finished a sock. I’m well into the next one and I’m happy to report that it’s growing on the needles much more smoothly (and quickly ). Im following this most excellent beginner sock tutorial on Winwick Mum.

Don’t you love the lovely self striping sock yarn?

DSC_0101I also spent a few hours on Saturday making a whole new wardrobe for Maia’s Barbie family (interestingly, not one of the them is called ‘Barbie’!)…

DSC_0057Certainly not my favorite dolls, but I’m actually quite proud of how modest,  yet stylish, they turned out! Plus its the only time I’ve made 3 skirts, 2 pairs of trousers, 1 dress and 4 tops in one day. Maia: “You should go into business making Barbie clothes, Mum. They are so much better than the ones they come with.” Thanks love, will keen that in mind if I need to find a new job!

As with most weekends, I also spent some time in the garden. The winter vege garden is in, and while the summer flowers are all but done, there are some pockets of color still holding on…DSC_0076This time of the year I adore the hydrangeas…DSC_0075Their mottled colors are  so beautiful as they dry on the bushes…DSC_0072I know they are probably not for everyone, but to me they are more beautiful now than when they are in early bloom.DSC_0069I will cut them off, but not until they are completely dead (sometime in the middle of winter), for now I enjoy their shabby chic beauty…DSC_0066So that’s what the weekend looked like at our place. What did you get up to? Ever knitted socks? Got any tips to share? ~ J xox

11 thoughts on “The weekend

  1. gentlestitches says:

    Those socks look wonderful. Jennifer from squirrel picnic just started a sock knitting club on facebook and her socks are crocheted and knitted. It is free and still open. I am also about to join my first CAL which is a cushion from the book jennifer just had published. Your flowers are beautiful. The barbie doll clothes are a triumph. I loved my barbie dolls when I was young and agree with your daughter, your “Green Dragonfly collection”is much nicer than the shop stuff. Gosh the buttons on the green cardigan must be teeny tiny!

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  2. Janette says:

    Everything on barbie clothes is tiny, very fiddly sewing! Will see if I can find that fb group, always keen for inspiration 🙂 I have crocheted socks before, actually one of the first things I made when I got back into crochet, wonder where they got to… Xx

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    • gentlestitches says:

      the facebook page for the groups is Jennifer Olivarez of Squirrel Picnic. BTW I am still in love with your Easter Bunnies (whose ancestors were Owls) They made a comeback here this Easter. Remember when you helped me learn to drive my blog! You are so generous and of course I have paid it forward by helping people with their blogs. Blogging Land is an amazing place! ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. Buttercup and Bee says:

    Lovely socks. Winwick Mum has a Facebook group for the basic socks pattern and a separate ‘knit and natter’ one. Both are amazing groups. Be warned though. Seeing all those lovely socks can be expensive!! I have enough sock yarn in my stash for the next 5 years!!


  4. Lisa says:

    Happy Autumn wishes to you my friend! I love your knitted socks! You have inspired me to give that a try. I have been wanting to learn to make them for a long time! the color yarn you are using is beautiful! I have been working on a couple of teddy bears for a friend! The doll clothes you made are awesome! Have a wonderful week! Hugz Lisa and Bear


  5. Winwick Mum says:

    Your socks are coming along beautifully, and I love the yarn you have chosen. I’m glad the tutorials are helping too! Your daughter’s Barbies are looking very stylish now – definitely much better dressed than when they arrive in the box! xx


  6. Virginia says:

    Love your Barbie doll clothes. Sock color is very nice. I’m going to start crocheting a pair of socks tonite. I don’t know how to knit but I have crochet socks before for my daughter now I will make a pair for me.


  7. wendy says:

    Beautiful flowers and love all of those Barbie outfits, very special ☺ Sock knitting can be great and I also followed Christine and have her book too and using tiny circulars, but starting with dpns on the rib part and heel and toe… the look of yours ♥


  8. Trudi says:

    Love the socks, really jealous of the garden pictures too.
    Our garden tenants are two pairs of Robins and a squadron of House Sparrows, my poor Guinea pigs are having a time of it avoiding angry parents when they venture near all the nests!
    Must look out my circular needles again and try the knitting again. My Norweigan friend bought them for me during a tour of yarn factories in Germany with her knitting group. I crocheted socks from sock yarn that came out just like zebras! I’m making a jacket with Grapes for Sheba merino yarn, wonderful vineyard colours.
    Not sure what to do with the skeins call ‘Willi’ yet but it’s going to knit up in amazing copper and browns.


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