The green hornet

Hello and happy Saturday!Doily crochetSo I found a new project to work on, and since I spent most of the first 15 rounds of it watching the Green Hornet (ludicrous – although in fairness I’m guessing a doily crocheting 40 year old mother of two is hardly the target audience!), I’ve decided that’s a good name for it πŸ™‚

Doily crochet 4It was a bit dull here (late) this afternoon so I wandered around the garden snipping here and there in a bid to brighten my photos up a bit. There were a surprising number of flowers in bloom. Not much I can do about the shadows though.

The doily pattern is called Summer Splendor, its working up easy enough (read not too much concentration required – perfect for trashy tv and and the rugby world cup!). I’m using Milford satin in 2 ply and a 2mm hook. I just hope there is enough cotton left in the ball – I think I’ve got 8 rounds to go. It’s looking like its going to need some serious blocking to get the fans to stand out.Doily crochet 5Thank you to everyone who left such lovely comments about my sketchbook. I find sharing crochet generally very easy (maybe because its the yarn and stitches that are really on show), but sharing what I have drawn is strangely more intimate and I was very nervous about it. I would never show my doodlings to someone who visited me at home for instance. Anyway, thank you for being so sweet – you made me very happy πŸ™‚

J xox

15 thoughts on “The green hornet

  1. chesterbunnynuts says:

    That’s a lovely colour and pattern – I love green but rarely work with it. This has inspired me to get thinking! I bought some beautiful doilies at the car boot sale and am thinking of dyeing them with natural dyes – tea, beetroot, red onion, strawberries etc. Wonder what I can use to get a vivid green?


  2. drowninginyarn says:

    Your sketchbook was lovely. I love the doily and the color you have chosen. They seem to be making a comeback and I’ve always enjoyed making doilies. You can use them for so many things – frame for a lovely picture, in bread/fruit etc. baskets, as a center piece on a table. I don’t block mine as I find once they are washed the threads seem to shrink a bit and look perfect so I just lay it out as it should be and place a slightly damp towel over it and give it a light pressing.


  3. Nadia from Canada says:

    Are you kidding me? You are an *AMAZING* artist. I can only dream of drawing that well! I loved seeing your doodles πŸ™‚


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