In my sketchbook

Well my navy blue crochet top is officially in the naughty spot. It’s been a bit hit and miss, love the color and the yarn, but the pattern has been a bit less intuitive than I like… earlier in the week while crocheting in front of the TV I messed up and didn’t realise for quite a few rows (read nights) so had a major unravel to get back to where the mistake was. Then last night when I was admiring my handiwork (most of both sides now finished) I realised I’ve used a bigger hook on this section than I began the garment with. Gah.  Unravel? Continue and pretend I didn’t notice? Ignore it for a few days/weeks/months??  I’ll report back soon.

So I thought I’d share something that I do enjoy working on at present, my sketch book…sketchbook36I have always loved to draw… it is when I feel most at peace with myself.

sketchbook38 sketchbook37 Here are some of my favourite pages…sketchbook21 sketchbook23 sketchbook31 sketchbook32sketchbook20sketchbook28sketchbook29sketchbook30sketchbook25sketchbook26sketchbook33sketchbook24I could spend all day, every day drawing. I wish I did! The last one Ill share with you is this one;sketchbook27A very important message dear friends!sketchbook 40And before I go, a few more shots of that beautiful spring blossom 🙂sketchbook34 sketchbook35sketchbook 41You’re welcome! I feel better already. Now I’m off to find a little crochet project I can work on and complete quickly… xxooxx ~ Janette


31 thoughts on “In my sketchbook

    • Terri Bodnar says:

      I can TOTALLY relate to your crochet project! It is so frustrating. I let it sit for a few days, then pick it up and am happy to be working on it again. Thank you for all of your posts!


  1. Sharon - creativityandfamily says:

    It’s strange seeing spring blossoms as here in England the leaves are turning into their autumn colours! I love your doodling, you really have a talent there, some of your designs would look great as fabric. How frustrating for you with the jumper. I try to keep my hook with my projects but it doesn’t always happen or I pinch it for another project feeling sure that I will remeber which hook it is but invariably I don’t! There must be some way for us crochet lovers to solve this problem 🙂 x


  2. Teresa says:

    Your drawings are so pretty and happy! I enjoyed them very much. As for the navy blue crochet piece, I’d unravel it and finish it with the correct needle size. I know that most people will never notice, but if I know about it, it drives me insane. I guess it depends on what your personality happens to be.

    It’s early autumn here. I miss spring blooms, but being on your blog allows me to enjoy two seasons at one time.


  3. Linda says:

    Love your pretty drawings! I’d like one framed hanging in my “craft” room. It would make me smile every single day. Wish I could draw beyond stick figures.

    And I can totally relate to not realizing a mistake for many rows! Due to that reality I changed patterns for one project! Fortunately the mistake was made early in the crochet process. That was about 18 months ago and the blanket is still unfinished. LOL

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Anita says:

    Loooove your drawings! i right away thought, that would be a great fabric print, when I saw the first one, then I saw the other ones… wish I could find material like that somewhere!!! then I saw others had the same thoughts, so it must be true, see?;)


  5. Recniky says:

    I do so look forward to your posts. Your entire site is filled with such beauty, and the colors you choose to work with are mesmerizing… like the peach crochet piece in your banner. I am always soothed by your website.

    I love your sketches, and your post comes at a time when I am moved to draw myself. I am working on a head piece of a cobalt hummingbird and some cards, so I really appreciate seeing your sketches.

    Your coaster is lovely, and it reminds me that when my two youngest were about four and five I used to make a half circle with two holes on either side, pull it through their ponytails, and slide a small wooden stick through to hold their ponytails in place and look pretty. So long ago. They are now 29 and 30 years of age.

    Thank you for your site…


    • Janette says:

      Thank you Jo, it’s really lovely to get your message, I appreciate you taking the time 🙂 when you talk about the half circles you used for your girls hair, did you used to crochet them? I think I had one like you describe but it was made out of leather and a more oblong shape. I’m intrigued to see if I could make one now! I’ve just checked out your site, I’ll visit again soon… I’ve just got a sample of Mary Doria Russell’s book sparrow sent to my iPad. J



      • Recniky says:

        Yes, I crocheted them, and yes, they are similar to the leather ones. You can make them any shape. The girls and I used to love then!

        Ah… Mary Doria Russell. Be prepared for a fantastic story with a (seriously) bizarre twist. I loved the two books

        😊 Jo


  6. Carolyn Jackson says:

    Love your sketch book, very clever, I somehow missed that post, also really like your green doily, you do some lovely work.


  7. creative pixie says:

    You’ve created an inspiring sketch book, makes me want to get out my sketch book! What pens do you use?
    At the minute I’m just using colouring pencils for my sketches but I want to use ink to give a saturated colour but one that doesn’t bleed through the page. Any advice would be gratefully received 🙂


  8. Trudi says:

    I do love seeing how other use their talents. I have a friend who is a paper sculpture and I am always in awe the work she produces. I’m so envious of those who doodle successfully.
    As the naughty corner for the crochet, I have one too, I have an autumn cardigan there sulking at the moment while I decide how to amend the welt.


  9. Beverly says:

    I do love your sketchbook – you have so much variety! Just for fun, you might want to look at “zentangle” – I think you are already doing it in some of your sketches, but might get a couple of ideas.


  10. Becky says:

    Love your sketches. Thanks for sharing them. Hate realizing a crochet mistake so late into the project. Good luck whatever you decide to do with it.


  11. Debbie J says:

    I love your sketchbook! I recognize some of the designs from Lisa Congdon’s online workshops. I did those too. Thanks for sharing. I hope to see more of your sketchbook pages in future blog posts. I just subscribed to your blog, so that I can keep up with your projects.


  12. susie crochets says:

    thanks for sharing your crochet talent. I like the navy blue top. please don’t give up on the pattern. I enjoy your blog, too. please keep us posted on your progress.


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