An unexpected gift

In a swift turnaround from what was looking like a rather ordinary week, our two-doors-down-neighbor showed up one afternoon struggling to see over the top of a large box which had been left with them earlier in the day (even though it was clearly labeled with my name and our correct address) by an inattentive courier.

The children were beside themselves with excitement as they tore off the tape. What could it be? Who is sending us this huge package all the way from Oregon USA?

Well it was a very generous gift from the lovely Lisa of Blondies Bearista. Packed up in the box were not one, but three bears, a monkey, a kiss and a turtle!

M & C with Lisa's toysThank you Lisa, for such a lovely, thoughtful gift… the children have become firm friends with the toys already 🙂 In fact there’s not much room in either child’s bed at night!

Has anyone else received anything nice in the mail recently? It’s been such a long time (if ever!) since we’ve got anything near this delightful in the mail!


18 thoughts on “An unexpected gift

  1. Lisa says:

    Awesome photo sweetie! It brings me great joy in my heart that they love the animals!!!! I saved this photo! I love being a little angel here on earth bringing a bright spot in people’s lives when I can! Hugz to you all! Love from Lisa and Bear too!


  2. Marybeth P. says:

    Every once in a while I do get something unexpected from friends. I am blessed that way. One time it was a new Chrome Book, other times it was boxes of Amazon Steaks, or a friend who is closer just brought me 25 vintage crochet books full of doily patterns (my favorites) last week!


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