Our cat, Billy, has decided that he loves this wool. He actually loves most wool, and crocheted blankets especially… but this wool must be special!Billy and wool 2 Never mind that I want to use it, to you know, crochet with…

He says, ‘Its so warm, and comfy and purrrrfect for resting my chin on when I sleep. Go away with your annoying camera and wanting to move it around, Im trying to sleep here!’Billy and woolLater that night, when I was trying to use the wool he was determinedly perched on my knee letting me know how much he loved it … you’ll need your volume on to make sense of this video (and heaven only knows why it turned out so big) 🙂

If you are on a mobile device you might have to view it here.

14 thoughts on “Purrrfect

  1. sue says:

    LOVE! My Micio was purrticularly infatuated with a bulky mohair blend, he would pick up the skein in his mouth, purr and turn in circles, wrapping his front paws around the skein to snuggle and suck on it like a pacifier…


  2. Brenda says:

    What a lovely, calming, nurturing sound. I had a Siamese so long ago that used to purr all night while she slept with me. I miss her so.


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