Blooming in my winter garden and new crochet mitts

There’s not a lot blooming in my garden to be honest… but if you search carefully there are a few spots of color, and even the very first bulbs starting to appear – all without any help from me (as the poor slug eaten polyanthus will profess):

This white tipped cyclamen is gorgeous and it has a nice scent too…Cyclamens

Calendulas bloom all through my (sad looking) vege garden…Calendula

Early cheer, braving the chill…Early cheer 6Poor polyanthus are slugs’ favourite feast…Polyanthus 5There is going to be a huge haul of tangelos this year…TangelosPretty pelargoniums from Great Nana Williams and a few red rhubarb stalks that should be brought in and cooked up: Rhubarb and pelagoniumPaler pink cyclamens…Cyclamens 2Unassuming hellebores; their downward facing blooms required all kinds of trick photography to share their beauty with you! Hellebore 2Got it!HelleboreAnd finally, delightful Daphne…Daphne3Daphne is quite possibly my favourite winter flower. I don’t seem to have much luck growing it; the leaves turn yellow and once that happens they invariably curl up and die within a couple of years. I have to enjoy this bush while I can. Daphne4The smell is all lemony and quite delicious – makes me want to eat it (or at least a lemon delicious pudding)!Crochet gloves free patternThis week I made these new fingerless gloves, like shawls they are a regular make for me – especially at this time of year. I love that my hands and wrists are warm, but my fingers are free to do all the important stuff they need to! These ones are a little heavier than I would usually make, but they are super warm and cosy. You can’t quite see it in the photos but there is a gold thread through the yarn which is very pretty. This is a free pattern, you can find it here. Would I recommend it? Yes definitely, the instructions are good and the cable surprisingly easy πŸ™‚

What’s blooming  in your garden, and what are you working on? – J xox


15 thoughts on “Blooming in my winter garden and new crochet mitts

  1. Brenda says:

    Where is the pattern? I don’t see a link. These are so pretty. It seems so funny that you are having winter when we are burning up with the summer heat! But winter will come our way and these would be helpful then. πŸ™‚

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  2. Sharon - creativityandfamily says:

    Seeing your winter garden feels strange but refreshing in our summer heat. I too love Daphne but have never had one of my own. My plant wish list is steadily growing with all these gorgeous garden posts! I love the pattern on the mitts. Winter seems a long way off right now. X

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  3. Barbara Castleman says:

    I enjoy your website. You have such beautiful gardens. You also have beautiful children. I live in Springfield Illinois. I think your country is much more beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. caityrosey says:

    For a winter garden, that’s amazing. Must be where you live. Around here, winter garden usually means whatever is covered in snow.


  5. Viola says:

    What a lovely winter garden you have! Here in Germany nothing is blooming in winter. Now it is said to be summer but it is raining all day long and we get excited if temperatures rise above 18 degrees. No summer at all. But hopefully it will get better because the last week of school has started. You mitts look fabulous, I love to wear them in winter, too. Viola


  6. Yanic A. says:

    Oh my, those mitts are so cute. Thank you for the link!
    Wow! I wish that is what MY winter garden looked like (she says thinking of the 9 ft of snow that cover her gardens in Eastern Canada). πŸ™‚ Stunning flowers.


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