Red Shawlette

Today marks the start of two weeks of school holidays. I’m so happy to have finally reached the end of term, we are all in desperate need of a break… And while mine won’t be a long break I’m taking part of both weeks off work which I am VERY happy about. Anyway, as promised, here are the details on my latest shawl…Crochet shawl free pattern 3The shawl itself is made using the South Bay Shawlette pattern, this is a free Lion Brand crochet pattern, you can find here. For my shawl I used a 2ply merino angora mix and 3mm hook which resulted in a lovely close weave. Crochet shawl free pattern 2I wanted it to be light yet warm, you could use a much bigger hook (and yarn) with this pattern and it would still be lovely, but the smaller hook means that the shawl has a delicate look and while being light has just a little bit more warmth…

Crochet shawl free patternYou might recognise the edging, its the same lacy edging pattern as I used on my last crochet throw… You can find the pattern here.Β Crochet shawl free pattern 4

So there you go. Im in love with this shawl, it just gorgeous. The colour is beautiful and the yarn is positively scrumptious! As always seems to be the case with shawls, I Β want to start another immediately! I hope you’re having a great week, is anyone else on holiday this week? J – xo


26 thoughts on “Red Shawlette

  1. Cogaroo says:

    Your shawl is beautiful! I love how it looks with that yarn. I make lots of shawls, but never wear them because they don’t stay on! Do you use shawl pins or anything?


      • gentlestitches says:

        gulp! (hides under crochet blanket).
        Thank God my boy and his friends have serious interests that include making stuff, woodwork and painting for COSPLAY, gymnastics and (can you believe it?) helping me in the garden. They get out there and dig and chop after asking if I need help.
        Also they are so very supportive and proud of all I do in terms of spinning and making.
        Of course it is early days yet……gulps again. πŸ˜€


  2. Viola says:

    The shawl looks gorgeous. I love this pattern very much, as well. I made one for myself with a 3mm hook and that took a lot of time. But the shawl is just beautiful. The red colour you’ve chosen is great, there are not a lot of people who like to wear red, I also do. We have still one and a half week left before the school holidays start and we are all very much looking forward to it. Have a nice holiday, Viola


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