ToadstoolsLacy crochet mittensToadstools 4 Autumn leaves 2015 Watercolor toadstools 4Red toadstoolLacy crochet mittens 2Toadstools 3 Watercolor toadstools 2 Watercolor toadstoolsWatercolor toadstools 3There’s been lots of toadstools and mushrooms out in the past week or so, I keep spotting them when I’m out on my rambles. Our current wet yet still pretty mild winter seems to be encouraging them… and me! I especially like the red and white ones so it’s no surprise these toadstools have found their way into my sketchbook this week. Ive made some more mittens for Maia (and an as yet un-photographed hat for Carter – he’s pretty hard to pin down for photos these days. Ive also done some more work on my red shawl, which I think is about the right size now for a pretty edging… any suggestions? What are you working on this week? What’s inspiring you?

J – xox

PS> I should have mentioned that the crochet mitts Maia is wearing are ones I mentioned a little while back, Im planning on posting a pattern sometime soon πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “Toadstools…

  1. Wild Daffodil says:

    It is still such a kinda magical thrill to see your pictures of Autumn/Winter when we are moving from Spring to Summer. Those toadstools are amazing, I’m not surprised they inspired you to draw/paint them. Your shawl is such a lovely warm colour and certainly deserves a beautiful edging. I have been working on a throw:
    And the edging will be daisy squares, but your shawl needs something more delicate doesn’t it, maybe with some picots.

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  2. Lisa says:

    Wow I love your toadstool drawing! So very talented!! I love to see what’s on your crochet hooks too! Awesomeness!! I just completed another teddy bear! Silly me has four projects going so I shall never be bored!! Hugz Lisa and Bear

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  3. Teresa says:

    I love toadstools, too! I love your sketch of them, and I agree with IAMSIMPLYHOOKED that you should make them into greeting cards.

    Your shawl is so pretty. I suggest a picot type edging to match it’s delicate yarn and pattern. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Aubrey says:

    Oh those are so beautiful! There’s a magical feeling to your pictures! I think I’ll will crochet a toadstool today. Thank you!


  5. gentlestitches says:

    Such lovely colors! Delightful shades of red. Amongst my usual projects I have added a crochet hand bag! πŸ˜€


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