The days are getting shorter not to mention cooler… So the amount of time available for crochet is growing (being that I’m more inclined to stay inside feet up in front of the fire when the weather is gloomy than I am to brave it out of doors). I’ve got a number of projects currently underway, and have recently finished a few projects you’d expect at this time of year.

First up autumn staples – new crochet slippers, I’ve finished a new pair for me, and some for Carter:But you and I both know I couldn’t make some for Carter without making some for Maia, so hers are also almost done… One down, one to go:Β I’ve also made some new fingerless mitts for both children and I’ll share more on those in a separate post soon… Maybe when I can actually pin Carter down long enough to make a photo or two of his!

I’m still making progress on my navy top, although to be honest Im not loving it as much as I wish I did…Navy crochet 6It’s grown substantially since I last took photos, which is actually quite motivational!

I’m also working on another shawl. I find shawls very relaxing, I have far too many already but I enjoy making them so much – mostly because they tend to be quite repetitive, which makes memorising the pattern easier (perfect for when the children are creating chaos around me, or when I’m watching TV in the evening), but also because they are fast growing and, of course, beautiful πŸ™‚ Β So a lot on the go, but never quite enough time to get everything I would like to do done! As always I’d love to hear; what are you working on?


Ps. Apologies if you received a notification of this post twice in you inbox. I’m using the wordpress mobile editor, and accidentally hit the publish button when all I’d added to the post was the photos I intended to use! Opps!Β 

22 thoughts on “Recently…

  1. sandyfaithking says:

    I love those slippers. They’re fantastic! Can I buy the pattern anywhere?

    I’m crocheting bright granny squares into a cushion cover and when I’m not doing that I’m crocheting a rag rug from an old pair of curtains. I had to cut it into strips and am crocheting with a 15mm hook which I’ve never done before! It’s actually quite tricky (I should have cut the strips narrower maybe), although of course you make something big fairly quickly.


  2. Elisa Elliot says:

    I love hearing about your life, family and projects. I have been crocheting shawls this year also. One was a purple lacy wool for winter and the other a Spring- green mesh for warmer weather. Both were presents for pregnant colleagues. Now I am working on two baby blankets. Crocheting is so relaxing and fun.


  3. rainbowjunkiecorner says:

    Lovely colours for all your makes! I am unknitting at the moment. 😦 I decided the waistcoat I was making was the wrong shape and because the two different yarns tend to cling if I just rip it out I am unknitting each row till I get to the place where I decreased. It is quite soothing if I don’t worry about it though.


  4. Kim Height says:

    Love your posts and pattern, you have such fun and whimsical items!

    I especially love your slippers, shown below. I tried looking for a pattern but didn’t see one? Is there one that can be shared?

    Happy knitting and thanks….. Kim

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Lily Ferrey says:

    Your slippers are lovely I would love to make some for my great grand children.Are you going to share your pattern? Love to you and your family.


  6. Lisa DeKalb says:

    I too love shawls abut I like to think of them as ‘instant emergency gifts” instead of “too many”. My daughter came home from deployment one Christmas (she is serving in the US Navy) and was meeting friends for lunch. As she headed out the door without any gifts I stopped her and we bagged up some scarves. She came home later and said the scarves ‘saved her’ because all her friends had gifts for her and she would have been terribly embarrassed. (I’m certain I raised her better but perhaps she lost her mind at sea). P.S. Do keep your stash clean, just in case! πŸ™‚


  7. Cheryl Taub says:

    Would love the pattern of the slippers for my volunteer group to make for the veterans. Hoping we’ll see it on this site one day. Thank you. All of your items are lovely.


  8. Kay Hewitt says:

    Love those slippers! Crochet ones are so much nicer than the old knitted pixie slippers. I’ve always got a shawl on the go, my fav is to make a really big half-granny square. Whenever family or friends come over, they always seem to want to take them home with them!


  9. Stacey says:

    i LOVE mamachee’s patterns! I own over half of them I’m sure. There’s still a few more I’d love to have. I have made the perfect house slippers, my daughter LOVES them!


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