Saturday morning

Navy crochetA wander in the garden, a little crochet and a cup of tea… is there a better recipe for a Saturday morning? I think not!

Navy crochet 4I was asked yesterday what I was going to be doing this weekend… and I’ll admit I felt a little apprehensive about admitting my lack of grand plans. But the truth is I relish weekends just now because I feel like the weeks are passing by in a blur… school, work, after school activities, and even birthdays (Carter has turned 6, 6! How can my baby already be 6?).

Navy crochet 5It’s a welcome relief to have no deadlines to meet, no school bells to beat and no alarms to snooze. Even if it is only for two days…

Navy crochet 2And I am pleased to report that my top – in stylish navy, don’t you agree –  has grown, to more than double the size pictured here… one side is now complete and the next has began. Bliss!Navy crochet 6

What do you have planned this weekend? J – xox

18 thoughts on “Saturday morning

  1. Wild Daffodil says:

    Sounds like a perfect Saturday to me too. I’m going to be doing a spot of gardening and then finish a crocheted cushion as a birthday present for my grandson who is 5 this week. Happy birthday to Carter!!


      • Wild Daffodil says:

        We could indeed! My grandson wanted it to be all black (he’s very keen on Batman at the moment!) I managed to persuade him to have some Superman colours in it too and will post some pictures next week I hope. I’m doing 2 rows of DC (US) and 2 rows of granny groups, alternating as in Attic24’s Cosy Cal – nice and easy and relaxing to do. Hope you have an equally lovely Sunday! ❤


  2. Pamela says:

    I love reading your blogs and envy you the energy you must have to manage all you do as I am now retired and there seems even less time than when I was working full time 😉

    Your photography is so sharp and inventive and love to see the walks and holidays you all enjoy.

    I am going to make some coasters like the one in your photograph this weekend as I have a whole day to myself then start on some icicles as Christmas decorations for my daughter.

    Enjoy your weekend and thank you again for sharing with us.


    • Janette says:

      Thank you Pamela, it’s really lovely people like you who say such nice things that keep me coming back 🙂 I enjoy thinking up new and interesting ways to photograph the same subject, and I have to admit my garden has so many beautiful flowers in it that I never get tired of picking them to enjoy and share! I hope you enjoy making the coasters, Ive made so many of them now, in different colours and sizes… they are everywhere (including in the dolls house where they make fabulous mats!). Hope you have a wonderful weekend xx


  3. jo rees says:

    I really enjoy your blogs! Today’s blog was a good one for me. You hit a chord about weekends as I too share your love of the quiet weekend. I work as well as run my craft business and find the busy-ness of day-to-day work at a local comprehensive school to be tiring. I’m looking forward to the Easter break with relish! Time to chill, create and be with family & friends – nothing better. xx Jo Crafty Gifts & Cards

    Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 07:28:34 +0000 To:

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  4. rainbowjunkiecorner says:

    Even though I am retired Saturday is still ‘weekend’ for me. I normally meet a friend but I am actually enjoying the thought that for the next two Saturday’s I have the day to myself to do exactly what I like. So relaxing. Not many flowers here but your picture at the top encapsulates the perfect day!

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  5. lucindalines says:

    Wish I were relaxing with tea and hand work. I just realized if we want to watch the final day of the basketball tourney on the computer, and I do, then it is write tomorrow’s message this morning. Enjoy your day!


  6. leejolliffe says:

    Sounds like a wonderful Saturday. I went for a lovely drive with hubby and grandchild – but started the day very early with my knitting whilst watching World Cup Cricket – NZ won and will now take on my South Africa in the semis! Cricket is great for crafts!


  7. gentlestitches says:

    Time becomes so strange after children. Long days but shorter years? How does that work? Good for you for not giving in to “filling every second syndrome” We all need time to just “chill” as the teens say. OMG MY baby is a teen! A very nice teen. I went to the country and collected a spinning wheel from a fellow blogger this weekend. Gulp! Your crochet and flowers and tea look wonderful! ❤


  8. Sally Underwood says:

    We live in Fuerteventura, Spain and have a Saturday Club every Saturday from 9 – 4pm. Children come to our Saturday Club to play together while speaking and learning to speak English. We have a mixture of English, Irish, Spanish and Italian children who come regularly and other children who are on holiday often come for the day too. I have cleverly introduced crafting into the club and all of the children (boys and girls) have learnt to cross stitch their names, crochet a scarf and some have even knitted blankets for the Barbie dolls. One of the oldest girls who has been coming to the club for 7 years has started to make patchwork cushion covers using my sewing machine. It is great to know that I have introduced the next generation to crafting.


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