In my bag you will find…

Crochet bag 6My crochet work bag is full of all kinds of helpful bits and pieces, and it occurred to me you might like to take a look πŸ™‚

Crochet bag 7Top Row L – R: Dr Hauschka rose hand cream, embroidery cotton, sharpie, pencil, quick unpick, Mousie, hooks! Crochet stars (Ill post a pattern sometime) small container with lots of important stuff, pink beads, scissors.

Middle Row L – R; Crochet cotton, this flower, glasses for fiddly bits and at night (old age!), safety eyes, this flower.

Bottom row L – R: Foxy (pattern sometime), Lip balm, marble (no idea what that’s doing in there???), knitters needles, crochet cotton, lace. Crochet work

My project work continues, but is going to require a trip to the shop this afternoon… see that short length of white. Yep it ran out. Hope I can remember which brand I brought (the band is long gone), wish me luck!

So what’s in your crochet work bag? Anything you can’t live without? xxxJ

32 thoughts on “In my bag you will find…

  1. Teresa says:

    My bag is packed with yarn, a pair of scissors that I cannot live without, needles, a special yarn needle that I must have, and patterns. There are some loose things in the bottom. I am afraid to find out what that might be! Enjoyed the post!


    • Janette says:

      I also had a stack of printed out (dog eared and coffee stained) patterns… along with a bunch of crumbs and other unidentified detritus at the bottom of the bag! xx


  2. D'Ann Gayler says:

    I picked up a pencil case designed by Laura Ashley just before school started last year. It is wonderful for my crochet stuff. In the little pocket on the front is two pens, in case I need to write something down. Inside there is a pocket that contains stitch markers in a tiny plastic bag, 25 of my business cards and a needle holder (I made). There is a flap which is meant to hold pencils. It holds between 10 and 15 crochet hooks. The inside back cover holds a small notebook, a few snaps, some sticky notes and a needle threader and a small pair of scissors. That is always in my crochet bag with the project I am working on and some crochet cotton, just in case.
    I have looked for the pencil cases again, but haven’t seen any. Thought they would make good gifts for my crafty friends.
    Loved seeing what other crafters have in their bags. Thanks for your post.


  3. wendy says:

    I loved seeing inside your bag and amazing what we can carry around lol I have loads of bits and pieces, many hooks, siccors, even earings which I use as markers lol


  4. gentlestitches says:

    very interesting peek! I personally couldn’t leave the house without scissors and darning needle! (and current transportable project) ❀


  5. Cat says:

    I too have hand cream and lip balm amongst the variety of crochet hooks scissors, darning needle, unpick, a pen and a nail file. I also found a crochet cherry broach and it is the first place I look if I need my glasses. Hope you managed to find your white yarn.


  6. Carolyn Jackson says:

    That was interesting,I always have a spare thimble, spare crochet hook, some needles and a tape measure, amazing what we find we cant do without !


  7. val says:

    hi all! in my bag i have these really cool sports knuckle protectors. they cover almost my whole finger cuz I’ve got small fingers. but i absolutely love them!!!!! my tension is always very tight and they keep me from getting that yarn burn across my finger. (for anyone who wants to try, i found them on amazon. they are called sports finger or knuckle protectors. i highly recommend) i also have all the usual suspects in there. scissors, stitch markers, thread, a variety of needles, buttons, tape measure. . .

    ps, i love ur patterns that u post. thank you very much!! πŸ™‚


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