Magnificent Magnolias

The weather has warmed up considerably in the past few days, and with it so to has my enthusiasm for spending time out of doors.

There are signs of spring everywhere, but not least in the magnificent magnolias which are blooming in our street. My heart lifts every time I see them. Usually as I rush by, this way or that… to school, to work, to gym, to violin,  to swimming and (somewhat exhausted) home again.

Today I went out walking not once but twice – with my camera in tow – to enjoy the spring air and to photograph these amazing blooms to share with you.

In the morning…

Magnolia4 Magnolia2 MagnoliaMagnolia5And the evening…

As the sun set went down they seemed to get only more beautiful.Magnolia3Magnolia7Beautiful magnoliasThe evenings are getting longer, tonight it was just bright enough for a quick ‘scoot’ around the neighbourhood after dinner.

“Hurry up Mum!”,A quick scoot after dinner“No time for any more photos!” xx

13 thoughts on “Magnificent Magnolias

  1. knettycraft says:

    Hello Janette…. how nice the magnolias are…. but even how funny to read about: sitting here at 9 in the morning with my sunday-after-breakfast-coffee (over there where you are it is 7 p.m.). I read about the magnolias and thaught: Amazing, magnolias in autumn … okay, I had not in my mind that in New Zealand spring is coming up whil we here in Europe say hello to autumn now. We had some nice warm late summer days here but the chestnuts are falling down and the tree’s are colouring. Kind regards, Annett


    • Janette says:

      And I can’t wait for summer! It’s really chilly again here today… Changeable spring weather, but the hope of spring is keeping me positive 🙂 have a lovely Sunday! Jinx



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