There’s been a bit going on around here recently, here’s a few snaps of things from my world just now.

I am…

Loving my new project (more on that soon!)…Crochet Reading, a lot… winter really is the time for reading. Ive recently read this, and this and this…. I’d recommend them all 🙂

Admiring this orchid because it just keeps on blooming and blooming…orchid in bloom Smiling. Don’t you love birthday cards? (yes, last week I celebrated another year passing…)Birthday cards Baking, like reading, is something that seems to happen more when its cold (the oven warms up the house, the smell warms up the soul!), brownies… and slices for lunchboxes, try this one (pic below) or this one. Yum!Baking Enjoying this amazing bromeliad… it has the most beautiful flower don’t you think? Just one of the many signs that spring is on her way!Bormelid in flower Wearing my green shawl, yes I have been wearing it (and loving it!)…Crochet sidewalk shawl Reminded that although spring is nearly here, winter hasn’t quite let go her grip yet… we’ve had so many frosts the garden is looking very sad. I’ve also had to resort to planting seedlings inside cut off milk bottle to stop the chickens scratching them up and/or eating completely!

Traveling… is a necessity of my job and there has been a fair bit of flying of late. At least the weather has been gorgeous, so the flights have been full of spectacular sights…

Travelling down the north island Grateful that my Mum can come and help out on those hectic days when I have to be away…  it makes life so much easier when Nana comes and does all the school (and trampoline and swimming…) pick ups and drop offs, the children love it and I really appreciate one less thing to worry about.

Arranging my new printers tray, which has become home to an eclectic miniature collection… each day the children find something more to add to it.Printers tray collection Cherishing my girl and this now toothless grin – the big new tooth is growing in so that smile is never going to be the same again! Maia lost her toothTime seems to be passing by so quickly just now, I can barely keep up!

I wonder what you are loving, baking, crocheting, arranging, reading, wearing, enjoying, thinking, smiling about and doing?

Lots of love, Janette xox

17 thoughts on “Busy…

  1. Angela Denton says:

    Hi janette
    I have also been aware of how quickly time passes recently. My beautiful girl turned 5 on Monday! 5! Where have those last 5 years gone? One thing, I know for sure though, they have been the best 5 years of my life. Summer is turning to autumn here, so I’m just beginning to crochet this years winter hats. We’ll be blackberry picking at the weekend, so jams and crumbles will follow. I am reading ‘salmon fishing in the Yemen’ at the mo which I am loving. Have a great day x


    • Janette says:

      I know what you mean exactly! Maia is 7 and Carter now 5, I just dont know where those years have gone- they should still be babies surely! Mmmm I can almost taste those blackberries. We were lucky enough to still have frozen boysenberries in the freezer until a few weeks ago and they made such a lovely winter addition to smoothies! Ill have to add that to my ‘to read’ list! J xoxox


  2. gentlestitches says:

    Awww, little Maia is growing up. Lovely pictures. I am in love with an aussie author called kate Morton.
    I just finished an audio book of hers called “The forgotten garden”. I have it on my mobile phone so I can do “stuff” and not have to stop reading. I meant in love with her writing, my heart belongs to johnny depp. ❤


  3. abidazz83 says:

    LOVE that shawl, it’s summer here, but recently it’s been a bit chilly, a sure sign that Autumn is on it’s way here :/ I prefer to be too hot than cold 🙂 Your daughter is such a little cutey 😛 My son is 7 and he lost his front teeth, now he literally has two super big teeth as the teeth next to them are still his baby ones, he says he looks like a rabbit (he doesn’t they aren’t THAT bad!) haha, bless them 🙂


    • Janette says:

      We are going to be having that look around here soon too! Enjoy the rest of summer before it gets too cold, the days are getting longer here but it’s not very warm!


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