Green crochet shawl

Well it’s been a little while coming, mostly due to bad weather and not being able to get a decent photo of it, so I’m excited to finally be able to share my big green sidewalk shawl with you… Sidewalk shawl 2This was a really enjoyable pattern to work with, although I will admit to some frustration at the beginning because it seemed to take a long time for the pattern to become apparent and, due to the complexity and number of rows, even longer before I had the pattern committed to memory. Sidewalk shawl 3Once I did get the pattern figured out I really enjoyed the l-o-n-g  (and steadily longer) rows. It was a lovely meditative kind of project, not at all mindless; but not so hard once you get the hang of it.

And the result? Well, what do you think? It’s glorious, gigantic and green. I think I love it! Now I just have to get up the courage to wear it out in public… but if Kate can, then I guess I can too! It’s certainly cosy, like being wrapped in a big green hug 🙂

If you want to make one too you can find the gorgeous free pattern here.

Have a lovely week! Janette xox

30 thoughts on “Green crochet shawl

  1. ourworldheritagebe says:

    I tried starting that one earlier on in July but couldn’t figure it out at all… Making another type of shawl now. Would you mind measuring out yours? I’m making mine as a present and I’m not sure how long it should become…


    • Janette says:

      What type of shawl are you making now? I’ll admit it was bit bit tricky to begin with! Mine is about 75cm at the deepest point (not counting the tassels which are about 30cm long) and unstretched. Its a lot bigger than any other shawls I have made.


      • ourworldheritagebe says:

        That indeed is huge! I’m making a shell stitch one now – nice and easy after the complexity of the sidewalk one…


  2. Angela Denton says:

    It’s absolutely gorgeous. No courage needed to wear it in public. You should do so proudly! I’m sure you will get lots of complimentary comments. Love the colour. Have a great day x


  3. tnttran says:

    I made that pattern twice. The repetition is very easy to memorize once you get going. The first time, I used a light gray bamboo-blend and added a blue-green beaded chain fringe. The beaded fringe added a little extra weight, which was nice. The second time, I used a coral pink cotton-blend with a normal fringe. When I blocked the pink one, it got super huge like a blanket.


  4. G-Gurl says:

    That looks lovely!! I started this pattern a few months ago, but gave up, mainly because I was using deramores vintage Chunky and I didn’t really like how it was panning out, it looked really bulky and I was also worried that I would run out of yarn. Which yarn did you use for yours? I am thinking trying againperhaps with good ole stylecraft special dk.


  5. Eleanor says:

    Wow! That’s lovely Janette! That green…. I was just thinking the other day actually about your post about it a while back where you didn’t say what it was. And here it is.
    Congratulations. It is stunning xx


  6. Linne says:

    I love pineapple patterns! This is the most lovely thing I’ve seen in a pineapple for ages. I really don’t need any more projects, but have already downloaded the pattern . . . sigh . . . 🙂

    I crocheted a heavy green shawl for myself a couple of years ago and have only worn it out once; this is a pretty conservative town and I got a lot of ‘looks’; I prefer to slide under the radar most of the time. But I’d wear it on the coast (west coast of BC); there, I doubt anyone would notice me ‘specially. I didn’t have a pattern, but included some holes to give the appearance of pattern. Mine is large, too, and heavy enough to keep my warm into late autumn here. Thanks so much for sharing yours . . . ~ Linne


  7. Rene says:

    I am making a tan one for my mother.. my sister asked for a green one. Can you please tell me which gorgeous green yarn you used? Thanks so much!


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