crochet spider free pattern

Special Spider

crochet spider free patternMy little man has been having a tough run, this week he has been laid up at home with a nasty cold – for us in the Southern hemisphere the weather is cooling down and the cold season is unfortunately upon us.

Lots of cuddles (lucky me) and a new spider have perked him up…crochet spider free patternIf you would like to make this lovely crochet spider you can find the free pattern over at one of my favourite blogs Lutter Idyl. Unless you speak Danish you’ll need Google translate but once you start its not too tricky to figure out (even then I’m not sure I got it entirely right but that didn’t affect the lovability of the final spider at all 😉 I also used a 4mm hook which made for a bigger spider with looooong legs). Edited to add, its now in English!!Crochet spider

How’s your week going? Have you had a cuddle today? J xoxo

29 thoughts on “Special Spider

  1. Carine07 says:

    The pattern is now translated into English.
    I am sure little man appreciates the cuddles with his mummy and his new friend, the spider 😉


  2. susanlogan21 says:

    I love your spider :)… I would also like a cuddle from my son, but unfortunately he is 21 and at university in Leeds, UK. Not so far away from Ireland but far enough at times.


      • gentlestitches says:

        No no. We WANT to go but haven’t our concrete plans yet. I particularly want to experience the unique geography of Rotorua but have to recover from wonderful Japan first.
        It looks so beautiful there and of course the boy wants to see Lord of the Rings country. ❤


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