Up up and away…

We are lucky to have a balloon festival here every year… which results in some early morning balloon spotting expeditions:  Balloons 2014 7Balloons 2014 10Balloons 2014 4 Balloons 2014 3 Balloons 2014 2Balloons 2014 5Balloons 2014Balloons 2014 6I love to watch the balloons, but have no real desire to fly in one… although I’m pretty sure my children would jump at the chance (Carter especially). Have you ever traveled by hot air balloon? What’s ‘up’ in your world? Jxo

PS. My throw is finally finished. I just need to get some decent pics!

33 thoughts on “Up up and away…

  1. mandymunroe says:

    Lovely! We tried to see one at Leeds Castle a few years back. Despite getting up and there by 6am we’d missed them all! I’m sure your little ones we’re very excited 🙂


  2. Teresa says:

    We have this festival in our area in the fall on Labor Day. (I suppose it is fall there now or nearly fall.) We have never gotten up early enough to go, but I want to go the night before to the Evening Glow where they fire up the balloons, and the balloons glow from the flame. Like you, I would not want to ride in one, but I have had friends ride in them, and they say it is extremely quiet and peaceful.

    Your photographs are beautiful! Thanks for sharing! It perked up my day!


    • Janette says:

      Yes it’s autumn here now, must be the right time of year for it… Low winds I think. We didn’t go to the night glow this year but it is truly spectacular, next year! X



  3. D'Ann Gayler says:

    My younger sister and I are both afraid of heights. We took a hot air balloon ride because we dared each other to try it. It was wonderful, peaceful, and quiet up above the world. I highly recommend it. I would do it again, someday.
    It’s Spring here in Utah, but we got an inch of snow yesterday. That’s the way it goes here in the Rocky Mountains.


  4. GG Sisters says:

    Indeed, you are lucky! How do you think, by observing them closely, is it dangerous to fly in a baloon? Have there been any accidents during these events? I am planning on trying sth like that this summer, that’s why I’m asking…


  5. suth2 says:

    When we lived in Canberra we used to watch the balloons, particularly in autumn.
    I have not been up in a balloon and I have no desire to do so. It looks frightening to me. 😦


  6. LindaE says:

    Wow, I would love to see that. I didn’t know that they came in different shapes. I always thought they just had different colored ones. That angry bird looks cool in the sky.
    Thanks for the pictures.


  7. onoodlesstitchcraft says:

    What an amazing sight. Sometimes we get them flying over our house in late summer but not as spectacular as seeing them en masse! I have always wanted to do this! Have you found any new inspiration for new crochet projects from all the colours and shapes?


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