In the garden

How has your week panned out? It’s been a lovely week here, the weather holds. It’s still nice and warm, and although rain was forecast this weekend, it has not arrived. School and after school activities are now in full swing, and the pace of life has picked up to match, as have I – needs must.

Today I’m going to share a little more of my garden, but Ill be back in a day or two with some crafty progress and other happenings from around the place.

My vege garden has found a new lease of life, consistent watering and the continuing long hot summer has given it a second wind. We have water restrictions so I’m getting up at 6am every second day and turning on the sprinkler for an hour or two.  I’ve got another round of summer crops in, the tomatoes, courgettes and cucumbers are still going strong and many autumn crops are beginning to take off too.

Here are some garden shots taken over the last week…

Leeks, interspersed with coriander, silverbeet and zinnias:Garden feb 2014A second crop of potatoes… hope there are lot’s of lovely taters under those leafy heads! Garden feb 2014 potatoes

A golden courgette flower:

Corgette flowerBee on the wing, they love these borage flowers:

Bee and borageCinnamon basil, the first time Ive grown this variety, it seems to be very abundant… must make pesto this week before the basil all turns the corner:

Cinnamon BasilA drooping sunflower head in the late afternoon sun. If you’ve figured out an easy way to harvest the seeds please let me know:

Dead sunflowerThe second crop of raspberries, even better than the first!

Raspberries ripeningMarigolds, basil and tomatoes, wonderful companions, all have thrived this summer:

Marigolds tomatoes and basilDill seed heads… one of two herbs I never plant but always have in abundance due to self seeding (or lazy gardening!) – the other is coriander:

Dill flowersI think they are so beautiful too…Dill seed head 2

We’ve an awesome crop of golden queen peaches this year – YUM:

Golden queen peachesFinally the perfect antidote to these hot afternoons… a little sprinkler action:

In the sprinklerWhat’s been happening in your neck of the woods? Do tell… Jxx

20 thoughts on “In the garden

  1. Angela Denton says:

    Wow! Your garden is AMAZING! My mouth is watering at the thought of all that home grown goodness. The weather here in England has been wet, wet, wet beyond belief for the last few months. I’m so ready for spring so we can get in our garden. It’s not big enough to grow crops on the scale you do but we do what we can. My garlic is coming up nicely and thanks to Pinterest I’ve found lots of ways of growing in small places. Fingers crossed spring arrives soon. Enjoy your wonderful produce x


  2. gentlestitches says:

    thank goodness I put a clothes horse and sheets over my small plants during our big heat. lost a bit but saved most. My most interesting is Vietnamese mint and my worst is my wee doggie dug up my moonflower. Thankfully they are annuals so I will try again next year. This morning I finished ANOTHER wee mousie. This time for a 3 yr old! My friends niece. your garden is delightful. 🙂


  3. alderandash says:

    Love your photos…and what a wonderful reminder that winter in the UK will come to end at some point, and then we have days like this to look forward to! (Well, except for the peaches…very envious!)


  4. Lisa says:

    You have a gorgeous garden! I love the pic with the bee approaching the flower! The peaches look so good! I see a pie in order!! It has been a weekend of getting over a migraine and doing some crafting! Hugz from Lisa and Bear


  5. Jennifer Hill says:

    Love your photos! So looking forward to summer. It’s the end of a week’s half term hol here so yesterday (Sat) we visited the British Museum in London and today are getting ready to go back to school (or not…must go and chivvy 😉 ). Hope to fit in a bit of patchwork later. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden! Jen


  6. Donna says:

    Here in Connecticut USA, we are waiting for our next round of snow…will not be gardening this year as we are moving to Denver in September..will move some of our more beautiful flowers to our son’s home for his to enjoy in years to come…Up at 6am to turn on the sprinkler..I would install a timer that does that…enjoy your are very off to work for this nurse and tonight maybe a little bit of knitting for me..


  7. Rachael says:

    Your patch looks lovely. I wish I could grow basil and coriander so easily but it’s not quite warm enough in north-east england! Because we are at the opposite end of the year here, I have been digging my garden and getting it ready for spring. I might have to plant some borage this year – your picture has reminded me.


    • Donna says:

      There is no gardening here in Connecticut USA…heading into the next Polar round…15degrees..couldn’t even turn the soil if you wanted it will be work and knitting here..but do enjoy the beautiful pictures that are posted…


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