Heavenly hydrangeas

After a somewhat sedate start to the new year, things really have picked up to the point that I now feel like I am constantly running to keep up. From early morning till (sticky hot!) evening, life is more than a little chaotic and I feel like I’m racing from one task to another… there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day! I took a few minutes this afternoon to ‘just breathe’, and wandered around the garden taking photos – while the children were playing under the sprinkler!

I couldn’t resist sharing these hydrangeas with you…

Hydrangeas Hydrangeas Hydrangeas HydrangeasThey are, of course, past their best. In a day or two the petals will start to brown and curl… but for today I feel happier that I took a few moments and I reveled in their beauty.

So do tell, how is the new year treating you? Has 2014 hit it’s stride and racing along at your place too? I’d love to hear! Janette xx

19 thoughts on “Heavenly hydrangeas

  1. Margaret says:

    Have not even got started with my New Year resolutions yet. My excuse is snow. My number 1 resolution was to stop finding excuses for not getting on with my work. You can see how this is going. Off now to get the paints out so I can try and re-create the fading colours on your hydrangeas. Cheers, Margaret


  2. carinascrafts says:

    Funny we are all feeling similar. Yes feeling overwhelmed with my to do list. My approach one day at a time. Thank you so much for sharing your blooms. LOVE the greenish redish one. My mum gave me a few plants but they are yet to flower. I can’t wait for them to flower.


  3. Jennifer Hill says:

    I know what you mean about running to keep up, though a lot of the time I can only bring myself to jog…those hydrangeas are utterly gorgeous, not past their best but perfect to me. I was in a large garden somewhere on holiday a couple of years ago and took dozens of photos of hydrangeas looking like that, much to the puzzlement of the rest of the family! They look like someone has painted them with watercolours. I’m trying to feel the heat you describe while looking forward to spring! Hope it’s not too unbearable. Jen


  4. Colline says:

    I would love to see some of the other blooms in your garden. At the moment I am suffering from snow fatigue (and we have some more falling today) so the pics would cheer me up a bit.
    As for 2014. I feel I need a break it has been so hectic.


  5. Nice Piece of Work says:

    beautiful photos. It’s good to stop sometimes, even if just for 10 to 15 minutes. Feeling totally overwhelmed by everything I’ve taken on, and spend most of time fretting about feeling totally overwhelmed. Something’s gotta give, and it will probably be my brain.
    ….Reading Deepak Chopra at the moment, trying to be more “mindful” about things, and more aware of the present, but not always easy. I guess, like everything else, it takes practice. 🙂


  6. gentlestitches says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful hydrangeas. My life too has picked up it’s skirts and is running like the wind. One of my greatest pleasures last week is my son got a part in his high school musical and requested vocal training which he starts next week.
    I have so many things to make on order or for gifts. I really do over commit but I always seem to get there even if it is still sewing on an eye while the new owner tries to walk away!!! LOL
    THIS year I promise to make your bunnies early and not stay up all night before Easter! Yeah right!!!!


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