Newsboy hats

A while back Jill over at Nice Piece of Work (great blog – go check it out!) posted a newsboy hat she had made, which reminded me how much I love that style of hat. A quick trawl around the internet and I found this pattern, and set about making a couple – one for myself and one for Maia.

Being that Maia is a MUCH better model, here are some shots of her hat…Newsboy hat maiaThe pattern is reversible, so you get two hats for the price (effort) of one! Newsboy hat maia 3Great pattern, lots of photos and clear instructions… I’d never made a hat before, but all in all it wasn’t too hard. The first one took me about 3 hours, the second only about an hour.Newsboy hat maia 2Hope you have a lovely weekend friends!Newsboy hat maia 5J xox

23 thoughts on “Newsboy hats

  1. ToadRockStreet says:

    I’ve only just come across your blog but have to say that your photos are just amazing! I felt like I was on that beach with a fishing rod in my hand.
    I’m looking forward to going through your older posts and checking out the free patterns (so lovely that you share these).


  2. Jennifer Hill says:

    Lovely idea! I may well try this so thank you. Lovely to see your garden in the background – summer WILL come! – and great model!


    • Janette says:

      I need to take some garden photos- its been so hot I kind of missed the lush lovely green garden and now have the late summer garden (everything a bit brown around the edges) already! xx


  3. Nice piece of work says:

    Awesome hat! Maia looks gorgeous in it. You’ll be pleased to know that I took my newsboys to both of the markets I attended this weekend, and they rocked! I’ve got my paws on some great fabrics lately, so I’ve been having fun mixing them up. I’ve so enjoyed getting back to my sewing machine – clearly, so have you 🙂 And thank you for the referrals!!! Lots of new readers now….


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